From Sweet 16 to Concert Queens

Disney Starlets and Best Friends Allisyn Ashley Arm and Audrey Whitby had quite a busy weekend. Allisyn and Audrey celebrated their Sweet 16’s together this past Saturday at Allisyn’s House. Audrey who turned 16 on April 10th and Allisyn turns 16 tomorrow. The girls celebrated with their good friend, DJ Blaze, but you all my know him as Blake Michael from Lemonade Mouth, who spun throughout the party. Their So Random Cast-Mates, Doug Brochu, Damien Haas and Shayne Topp were in attendance to celebrate with the girls, other celebrities in attendance were, Jordan Fisher, who is currently on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Claudia Lee, Shauna Case, Billy Unger, and Sam Lant.

The next morning the girls showed up to support not only a good cause but a good friend! The girls went to Tiffany Thornton’s concert benefitting meningitis on Sunday at The Roxy. The girls we’re dressed to impress and looked absolutely stunning. Check out the pictures from the girls Sweet Sixteen and from Tiffany’s Concert.

What did YOU think of their style at Tiffany’s concert?

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