Get to Know Sister-Duo Jenny and Ashley!

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With summer quickly approaching us, we’d like to introduce new up-and-coming artists that we think you should look out for this year! Get to know sister-duo Jenny and Ashley here on!

Check out our exclusive Q&A with the girls:

CelebSecrets4U: How did you become involved in the music industry?

Jenny & Ashley: “When we we’re little girls, we fell in love with the movie ‘Annie’ which led to the crowning of Jenny as ‘Miss Wisconsin Sweetheart’ in an “all natural” pageant. Following that, Jenn won the grand prize at a Barbizon acting competition in Chicago. This prize consisted of many things, including a full ride trip out to Hollywood for a convention called IMTA. This led to us booking commercials such as Fox Digital, Disney, CulverCo, Nickelodeon, Nintendo Wii, General Electric, FAO Scwartz, and many more. Jenny also appeared as the ‘cover girl’ on Kohl’s catalogs and in store posters. Ashley, then, picked up a guitar and Jenny’s always been singing. Together we now write, sing, play, and perform songs together!”

CelebSecrets4U: What’s it like having your sister as your band member?

Jenny & Ashley: “Sooo rewarding, but Sooo challenging. Haha anything great comes will difficulties, too, right? It’s cool that we get to do something together that we both love. But it’s hard, too, because we lack independence sometimes. And we both love being our own individual people.”

CelebSecrets4U: What is the story behind the making of “Beach Weekend?” Do you have a special memory from filming the music video?

Jenny & Ashley: “The story line for the video actually all began with the director, Ricky Foshiem, saying something about a “blob” in the original treatment. If you’re not familiar with what a blob is, it’s a HUGE ballon type thing that sits on a lake/ocean and someone is sitting on the edge and another person jumps onto the blob from a higher altitude, launching the kid sitting on it in the air. The first thing Jenny replied to the email that had pages of detail on the treatment was ‘You had me at the blob!’ haha this idea of the blob created the whole feel of the video. We wanted something that people would look at and say ‘I HAVE to have a beach weekend with J&A!’ Unfortunately, we didn’t end up being able to use the blob, but we still wanted people to get the excitement and smile on their face watching it, as if they were watching someone get launched from a blob!”

CelebSecrets4U: Why should people check out your music?

Jenny & Ashley: “Our music is fun, upbeat, and tells a story.  We naturally attract 7-17 year olds to our music but we find people of all ages can relate to the lyrics, harmonizing vocals, and strong musicians on the tracks.  In fact, we were lucky enough to have Tim McGraw’s band (The Dancehall Doctors) play on our tracks when we recorded the EP on Music Row in Nashville!”

CelebSecrets4U: Do you have any upcoming projects that we should look forward to seeing you in?

Jenny & Ashley: “We sure do! We are in serious talks with networks about a television show for us…can’t say much now, but be on the look out for us 🙂 lots will be announced over the next few months!

CelebSecrets4U: Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, can you share one secret about yourself?

Jenny: “Whenever I go to Starbucks, I always think of a different name for myself whenever they ask for it to write it on my drink. It works cause I travel so much, so it’s not the same people. 🙂
Ashley: “I love to get glammed up with hair styling, makeup, dresses, and manicures!  BUT..I can’t stand pedicures..feet are gross!

There you have it! Check out Jenny & Ashley‘s new music video, Beach Weekend, below and let us know your thoughts on their music! For more info on the sisters, check out

Written by Juliet Schroder

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