Gossip Girl Series Finale: The Reveal, The Romance, The End.


With one of the best Teen Shows on TV wrapping last night, for the last time, fans finally got their questions answered! “Gossip Girl Here! Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattans Elite… And who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl.”  Except that, now Gossip Girl DID tell!

Warning, If you have yet to see the Series Finale, Stop Reading here as we will be revealing some of the most anticipated answers from the series finale!

The episode starts literally where the last one ended, on the Roof Top. So was this really the way Bart Bass gets killed off the series? Yes, falling off the roof top was indeed Bart’s finale time on Gossip Girl, and this time, they mean it, he really did die folks. What does this mean for Chair who was also on the Roof Top? Scheming of course, and enlisting the help of none other than Georgina Sparks, as Chuck is wanted to for questioning, and Blair is wanting for possibly aiding and abetting a person wanted for questioning! With Chuck and Blair on the run, and needing to stay out of site, Georgina makes a plan to help them escape, in Geroge’s (Chuck’s chauffeur) Limo’s trunk!

Meanwhile, we see Serena getting ready to take off to sunny California on a Private Jet, but not before she sees something hidden in one of her Magazines, Dan’s Serena/Final Chapter! So what does S do? She goes to confront Lonely Boy, and they talk, then make up.

Chuck and Blair, still on the run, happen to find a safe house, where Creepy, yet amazing uncle Jack finds them, and saves the day! However, Jack’s way to save the day isn’t exactly what Chuck had in mind, but exactly what B had in mind, Marriage and Spousal Privilege. Chuck, knowing that the ever Romantic Blair wouldn’t really want to get married under these circumstances is hesitant, until Blair says, what may just be the most un-Blair thing she has ever said, however very true. “Every bone in my tired body wants to marry you, Chuck and Blair hold hands. Chuck and Blair go to the movies. You said you never wanted us to be boring; we definitely aren’t now,” says a very serious yet exhausted B, of course reference back to his speech in Season Two about their relationship. What does her Prince Charming say back to her now that times are different? “Life with you could never be boring,” before getting down on one knee, grabbing the ring that Blair has had around her neck for “Months” and proposing right there. Awe.

Blair is ready to just get Married, but Chuck says he wouldn’t feel right without her family there. Blair tries to tell him she already had her dream wedding, she just wants Chuck now, but Chuck has other plans. Jack of course is in charge, because he can move around without being taken into policy custody on site! While their friends and family are being questioned on their whereabouts, no one speaks, because they really don’t know. While Ivy sees William with Lily she tries to tell Lily about their Love Affair, but William has no part in it, telling Ivy she was just a pawn in his game to get Lily back all along. Ivy says she’ll tell the world, and William reminds her no one will listen to a liar, who has been crying wolf, one too many times.

Jack then teams up with The Upper East Sides most infamous resident, Georgina Sparks! Together they rally everyone together where else then the Met, where everything really did start, for the Wedding of the year, kindof. Two Constance girls see our favorite Upper East Siders going in together and send a tip to Gossip Girl, and follow, finding out there is a Wedding about to happen they again send a tip to Gossip Girl, but Gossip Girl, seems to not care. So these two girls take matters into their own hands and call the Police instead! While Dan tells Nate he can have his final chapter to save the Spectator, Nate gives the chapter to Sage and tells her to go straight to the Spectator and type it all out and release it right away!

Blair and Chuck get married and say I DO in the sweetest most Chair way of all, and just in the nick of time! With Chuck Bass saying, “three words, eight letters,” and Blair saying, “One word, three letters: Yes!”  S takes a picture of their kiss as the Cops come running down the stairs to take them away. Their true love, finally got their perfect ending, Married Bliss.

The Upper East Siders convene back at The Waldorf’s to wait for Chuck and Blair to return from the station. While they wait they all talk about the big reveal, Who Is Gossip Girl? Well Gossip Girl, isn’t a girl at all! Gossip Girl turned out to be Lonely Boy, Mr. Dan Humphrey! They all talk about who they thought it was, and could no believe it was Dan all along.Chuck and Blair return, and announce Bart’s murder will be ruled accidental as they have no evidence proving other wise. However Blair wants answers from Dan, and his reveal.

Dan says about why he made Gossip Girl, “I wasn’t born into this world, maybe I could write myself into it, I might have been a joke, but at least these people were talking about me.” He also lets Rufus know that Little J, knew he was Gossip Girl all along.

So how does our favorite show wrap? With a 5 year jump, Nate possibly running for Mayor of New York, Dorota still working for Blair, Blair and Chuck still married with an adorable son, Henry, Rufus happy and in a new relationship, Lily and William back together, Not-So-Little J (Jenny) and Eric looking all grown up, and Dan and Serena finally getting Married surrounded by Family and Friends, who are really family.

Who else showed up? The Voice of Gossip Girl herself! Kristen Bell had a cameo with OC Alum and CW Vet Rachel Bilson, who were getting ready to audition for Insider’s film adaptation! Vanessa, Juliet and Agnes all come back just for the Gossip Girl Reveal!

So now we bid you a well-earned Farewell Gossip Girl, we will miss you, and you will always have a place in our hearts!

What did YOU think of the ending?