Gossip Girl’s 7th Heaven

We all know the final season of Gossip Girl is just a few months away, but we are all sure that the show runners will do their best to bring us the best season ever with amazing guest stars! Who is the newest guest star that we will have this season? The CW is bringing back an alumni! That’s right former 7th Heaven actor Barry Watson (He played Matt Camden on 7th Heaven) will beon the sixth and final season of GG. Barry has been cast as an entrepreneur named Steven Spence, and will get to spend a lot of time with Serena, as a possible new love interest, per The Hollywood Reporter!

Alsorecently cast on Gossip Girl for this final season,Lost’s Andrea Gabriel, GGwill return for its finalseason this Fall it all startsMonday, October 8th, 2012at 9:00 PM. on the CW.

Will YOU be watching the FINAL season of Gossip Girl?

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