Grace Helbig Launches AT&T Hello Lab Series “Writing With Grace”

Today, video star & New York Times bestselling author, Grace Helbig, has launched a new AT&T Hello Lab series, Writing With Grace. The series provides fan with the opportunity to help Helbig write a novella entitled, Freak Week, via a storytelling app, Wattpad.

Helbig wrote Chapter 1 of the novella, which was revealed today through a YouTube video that can be watched down below. In the video, she asks fans to help her write Chapters 2-7 and reveals that she will also write the final chapter herself.

Freak Week is a novella that my fans and I get to write together. I am looking to them to unleash their wildest and weirdest imaginations, flex their narrative muscles and get super-creative so we can come up with the most amazing story ever,” said Helbig. “It will be the coolest writing workshop ever. Please don’t let the darkness of my enthusiasm sway you form participating!”

Helbig is set to read the novella at a VidCon live event in Anaheim, CA this June. Following the event, the entire Freak Week novella will be live on Wattpad.

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