Greer Grammer Talks Working with Taylor Spreitler and Sterling Knight on ‘Melissa & Joey’ – Read the Q&A!

Beth Dubber/ABC Family
Beth Dubber/ABC Family
Beth Dubber/ABC Family

Greer Grammer is returning to ourtelevision screens again on this week’s episode of ABC Family’sMelissa & Joey!

TheAwkward. actress playsMcKenna Cederstrom on the hit comedy series. McKenna is an untrained actress that Lennox (Taylor Spreitler) and Zander (Sterling Knight) are forced to work with on their “Cassandra” short film. They feel that she’s all wrong for the role, until Lennox makes the girl over in her likeness. While McKenna is now perfect for the movie, the plan backfires on Lennox when Zander is suddenly smitten with the actress.

On tomorrow’s episode, Lennox (Spreitler)decides to kill off Cassandra to break up Zander (Knight)and McKenna (Grammer).

CelebSecrets4U caught up withGreer Grammerrecently to chat all thingsMelissa & Joey!In our interview, the 22-year-old actress talked about what it was like working on set with Taylor Spreitler and Sterling Knight, the atmosphere on set, her favorite scene to film while onMelissa & Joey,and if she’sTeam McKennaorTeam Lennox –make sure to read the Q&A below!

Melissa & Joeyairs on Wednesdays @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

CS4U:What is it like working with Taylor [Spreitler] and Sterling [Knight]?

Greer Grammer:”So fun. Ive known Taylor and Sterling both for about seven years. I met them both when I was 15. It feels like the acting circuit with young Hollywood actors is very small. So it was really fun to get to work and already know the two people that I was working with really well.

There was no awkward moment of Oh, what do I do when I get to work? I just was able to jump right in, and Taylor and Sterling were able to make it so comfortable. I am so happy that I finally got to work with both of them.”

CS4U:What is it like on set?

Greer Grammer:”So much fun! We just had the best time, and it was so great because Melissa [Joan Hart] and Joey [Lawrence] are both so awesome and so welcoming. It was great because Joey was the director for the first episode that I did. I really wasnt hanging out with them as much because I wasnt in their scenes. But being able to come to the set for the first time and have Joey direct made it that much more welcoming for me with everybody. It really was one of the best shows Ive ever worked on, and everyone is so much fun.”

CS4U:What is your favorite scene that youve been in so far?

Greer Grammer:”Thats a hard question! [Laughs]. Honestly, it was my first scene with Taylor in the bedroom, because you get to see the switch. I got to be two characters. I got to be McKenna as McKenna and McKenna as Cassandra, which was really fun because McKenna is a lot like Lissa on Awkward. Cheerleader, peppy, fun, upbeat, high voice. So it was interesting to get to go to my normal voice, which is deeper, and to get sluggish and edgy. I really enjoyed it.”

CS4U:Would you say you are more like McKenna or Cassandra?

Greer Grammer: “Im a combination of the two, if that makes sense. Im really peppy inside and bubbly, but I can also be really chill, cool, and down to earth. Its a hard mix. Maybe McKenna [laughs].”

CS4U:Can you tease anything about Zander in the next two episodes?

Greer Grammer:”You get to see Lennox find out about what happened in last weeks episode the kiss, and maybe some more. So youll get to see how that affects the business relationship, and the professionalism of the set. You get to see their flirtation and relationship grow and see what happens from there.”

CS4U: Are youTeam McKennaorTeam Lennox?

Greer Grammer: “Im a little biased, but Id say Im team McKenna [laughs]. Im a little torn because clearly I love the relationship that Lennox and Zander have together. I caught up on the show before I joined, so I think their relationship is really fun and I like the give-and-take of it, but I definitely like McKenna, and I like McKenna and Zander. Its really fun to see how he falls for her when shes acting as Cassandra.”

Written by Juliet Schroder

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