Hallelujah! Lil Wayne Drops “Glory” Read More Here! @LilWayne


Lil Wayne recently announced that he will be joining the Tidal crew as a co-owner along side his prodigy Nicki Minaj. His first impact is showing his new song “Glory” exclusively on Tidal for Tidal viewer’s. The song itself is down to earth and shows gospel in the background. It seems the rappers have taken a turn in music and we like this new trend. It shows off a softer side and shows doubters how musically driven rap music actually is.

Glory” was produced by Avenue Beatz, Infamous, and Onhel and is definitely a good highlight to showcase before the full album “Free Weezy“. We suspect anymore released will be out solely to Tidal, but if your not willing to get Tidal were sure it will reach the radio soon enough. We hope this track release means more to be announced on his album, but for now were satisfied with the track.

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