Here are our Favorite songs from Cimorelli’s new album “Up At Night”!

California natives, Cimorelli have created their amazing new album “Up At Night” which is totally worth listening to. The six sisters of Cimorelli range from ages 15 to 25 and it’s safe to say that musical talent runs in the family! This album is a fun and sweet pop/country album, which is perfect for a nice drive to the beach, or backyard party with friends this summer. From their 14-track album, here are our favorites:



#1 Up All Night


“I’m trying to pick out the right shirt to get your attention”


This song has to be great; it’s named after the album after all! This song instantly reminded me of Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” album from 2004… a classic! This song is light, fun, and uplifting. This is an amazing way to start the album. The song sets the standards high for the others but listen further… it gets better!


#2 Make it Stronger


“These feelings getting stronger… I can’t hold up any longer”


There’s certainly a story going on between this song and Up All Night. It’s very nice to have one song flow smoothly into the next without a crazy transition. You can tell that the ladies have put in a ton of work to make this album perfect. With personal love messages in their song, you’d thing Taylor Swift co-wrote with the girls!


#3 Hearts On Fire


“With our hearts on fire… We lit up the night, let our fears behind.”


Hearts on fire is a personal favorite. There is so much voice and passion in this song, how can you not sing along? And if you’re looking for a song to listen to over and over again, this is it! It’s catchy up-tempo beat and acoustics are bound to have you hooked.



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