Hollywood Legend Dick Clark Passes Away

Hollywood lost another legend today, Dick Clark sadly passed away this morningat the age of 82. Dick started offin radio to weather announcements and eventually becoming a DJ for a country station in Syracuse, NY. From there the legend became, well just that, hebecomethe host of American Bandstand, a tv show dedicated to Top 40 Hits which teenagers danced to, much likein “Hairspray”. Dick then went on to crate many memorable shows, onein whichMillions of views still tune into every year, Dick Clarks Rockin’ New Years Eve! In 2004 Dick Clarkwent onLarry King Live and toldthe world hehadType 2 diabetes, later on that year in December he suffered a stroke. Since then he got co-host Ryan Seacrestto help with the annual party and count-down.Dick Clark had gone in for surgery last night, and as he was recovery this morning he suffered a massive andfatal heart attack. May he always be remembered for his heart, smile, and ability to bring happiness and enjoyment to everyone who watched him.

Rest In Peace Dick Clark, November 30, 1929- April 18, 2012.

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