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How to Literally “Break the Internet” featuring Michael Phelps’ Game Face

Can looks really kill? Because if they could, Michael Phelps would be in big trouble right now!

The most decorated Olympian of all time has once again, entered the history books. This time, however, it was not for how fast he can swim, rather it’s for the most complex look ever caught on camera in the 2,800 year-history of the Olympics. The death stare has gone viral; fans have even got his face tattooed on their bodies!

Leave it to the masses and the internet community to turn the most vicious look I have ever seen into something funny!

Too many hours in the chiar...

The swimmer claims that the unexpected footage of his facial expression was merely a reflection of his focus. Personally, if this guy worked in my office, I would leave the building and call 911!  Honestly, Michael, what did the cat ever do to you?

Michael Phelps - Monsters Inc

If that’s truly his focused look, I would hate to see Michael Angry! Let’s hope we never do…


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