Jake Short Chats ‘Mighty Med’ with CelebSecrets4U – Read the Interview! (@TheJakeShort)

shortDisneyXD’s newest original series Mighty Med is heating up and everyone at CS4U can’t wait to see what’s in store for the action-packed series!

In tonight’s episode titled “The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy,” Skylar introduces Kaz and Oliver to her longtime friend Experion, a cool and charming teenage superhero. But when Oliver catches Experion in an evil act, he must convince Skylar that her bestie is not as nice as he seems.

CS4U recently chatted with Jake Short (Oliver) who shared some super-cool details on what we can expect from upcoming episodes of Mighty Med.

On Mighty Med: Mighty Med is about a superhero hospital—it’s about two boys who stumble upon this hospital and it’s a dream come true for them. They’re comic book fanatics and this is what they’ve always dreamed of. My character, Oliver, is one of those crazy comic book fanatic guys. He’s a bundle of fun and he is sort of quirky. His best friend, Kaz, kind of gets involved in things, but he sort of plays his mother, but not in a bad way—he doesn’t try to be the mother, he tries to be the best friend, but as Kaz starts to get in trouble, Oliver is there to bail him out a lot. And I have fun playing him, he’s fun. And he also has this big crush on Skylar Storm, and it’s always fun because he acts like I do in person with girls. I can’t talk to girls, so it’s fun to do that. I enjoy being awkward and I love Oliver, he’s awesome.

What drew him to the role of Oliver: Disney came to me and was like, we have this pilot that we’d like you to come out and audition for, and I was like, alright, cool! And I read the script and I really liked Oliver. He’s really fun, he has some good jokes, it was another comedy so I guess what really drew me to the script was that it was a comedy and I really enjoyed it. So they said, come on in and they’re like, hey, do you want to do the pilot? And I was like, heck yeah, dude!

What we can expect from upcoming episodes: There will be more episodes airing, and the next episode there’s going to be lots of special effects that everyone can look forward to. This one, actually, I think I was on some wires in on of these episodes. I think that’s my favorite thing about the show is the special effects, so viewers can look forward to all that on the next episode.

Secrets or hidden talents? “I have a pet gerbil, and his name is Hamster…and that is not true, that’s not true. Oh, trying to think ‘cause I’m not a very secretive person. I have double-jointed fingers, but technically there’s no such thing as being double-jointed, I just make my finger look like a straw, so that’s just a little secrets about me.”

Clip from “The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy” below. This new episode of Mighty Med airs TONIGHT, March 24th @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney XD.

Mighty Med – “The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy” – Clip

Photos: Disney XD

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