Jenni Needs a Fresh Start on Tonight’s @JobOrNoJob – Watch a Clip! (@JaneBuckingham)


Jenni has learned a lot from her difficult life experiences and is now ready to make a fresh start on a new episode of ABC Familys new reality series Job or No Job, airing Thursday, September 24 at 3 PM ET/PT.

After losing her Army scholarship due to a medical issue and then losing her home to Hurricane Sandy, 28-year-old Jenni Judge is looking to leave her current job in Point Pleasant, New Jersey for a job in San Francisco at a startup company. In Jenni’sfirst interview, Tyler Renaghan, Director of Sales, and Bill Roberts, Head of Global Communications at Groupon, are concerned that her qualifications and sales approach dont necessarily mesh with the companys.

During Jenni’ssecond interview,she impresses Anthony Marino, Chief Marketing Office of thredUP,with her story but leaves him wondering if her skills are enough.

Finally, when she interviews with Nabeela Virji, Recruiter, and John Garnin, Head of Sales Recruiting at Yelp, she puts her best foot forward, sharing her story and showingher strong personality traits.

Jane coaches Jenni on how to communicate that her life experiences have shaped her into a strong candidate for jobs in these startup companies. But will Jenni take Janes advice?

Check out some clips and stills from today’s episode below.

Photos: Ron Koeberer/ABC Family

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