Joshua Hoffman Talks New Nickelodeon Series “Talia in the Kitchen” – Read the Q&A!

Ben Watts/Nickelodeon
Ben Watts/Nickelodeon

We are so excited for the return of Talia in the Kitchen on Nickelodeon tonight!

With only a few more hours until we see what Talia (Maria Quezada), Frechie (Miguel Luciano) Debbie (Gail Soltys), Tyson (Liam Obergfoll), Rudy (Joshua Hoffman), Julie (Galilea La Salvia), and Valerie (Ellis Ann Jackson) are up to next, CelebSecrets4U is giving you the inside scoop on the hit telenovela series straight from Rudy himself, Joshua Hoffman.

If you’re not familiar with the show already, Talia in the Kitchen follows 14-year-old Talia (Maria Quezada) who visits her grandmother for the summer in Miami, Florida. After spending time in the kitchen of their family-owned restaurant, Lola’s, Talia discovers her true calling – cooking. And with the help of her special “salt and pepper sense” – and her late father’s magical spices – Talia can cook up just what each customer needs.

In tonight’s episode titled “After the Storm,” Talia (Quezada) decides to make sure she gets out of Lola’s before Will (Tommy Goodman) uses the spices; Valerie (Ellis Ann Jackson) and Dolores (Jeanette Lehr) do a search party for Talia.

CelebSecrets4U recently caught up with Joshua Hoffman, who plays Rudy Rosales on the series. Rudy is Talia’s best friend. He is great at fixing things, such as putting Mexican music, which everybody hates, in Miami; he also can make Mexican into Punk Rock just for Talia. At first, Talia didn’t like Rudy because he would be every other typical guy, but they developed feelings in “Sugar Rush”, though Talia had a crush on Tyson. Rudy is great friends with Valerie too and doesn’t like the Fuccinelli’s as much as Lola’s.

In our interview with Joshua, the actor talks about Talia in the Kitchen, what attracted him to the role of Rudy, and his favorite experience on the show so far. He even spills details about the music he is currently working on and some behind-the-scenes secrets from set — make sure to check out the Q&A below!

Talia in the Kitchen airs weekdays at 7PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

CS4U: Your new series ‘Talia in the Kitchen’ is back on Nickelodeon this week! Can you tell us a little bit about the show?

Joshua Hoffman: “Talia in the Kitchen is about a 14 year old girl named Talia who arrives in Miami to visit her grandmother and finds a special talent, cooking….with magic.”

CS4U: You play Rudy Rosales. What attracted you to the role of Rudy?

Joshua Hoffman: “I really wanted to play the role of Rudy because he is the artistic side of me. He plays guitar and has a big heart. On the show he is Talia’s neighbor and friend-zoned friend.”

Juan Botero/Nickelodeon

CS4U: As he is a surfer and musician, like yourself, does that make it a bit easier for you to portray him?; knowing that you are very similar…

Joshua Hoffman: “Yes it does….it’s easier to play him. I , like Rudy, love music and being an artist. On the other hand, I have to put aside my athletic side to play him…..let’s just say he is not coordinated like that.”

CS4U: What has been your favorite experience on this show so far?

Joshua Hoffman: “One of my favorite scenes was when the character of Tyson and I had to fight each other to get to Talia. Although the final cut didn’t show everything, we had a lot of fun shooting it.”

Juan Botero/Nickelodeon

CS4U: We are called CelebSecrets4U — can you tell us any secrets from the set/about any cast members/ about yourself?

Joshua Hoffman: “Seriously? They would kill me! No really, the truth is we are all really close, like a real family.”

CS4U: What can we expect from you in the future? Do you have any other projects you are working on such as music?

Joshua Hoffman: “Yes I am working on producing and writing some music!”
Juan Botero/Nickelodeon
Juan Botero/Nickelodeon

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