Justin Bieber Slows It Down In this Acoustic Version of ‘What Do You Mean’ (@JustinBieber)



In past interviews Justin Bieber has repeatedly said that ‘What Do You Mean’ was originally a slow, heart felt song. Was this the original? Take a listen to the acoustic version of ‘What Do You Mean’, which leaves out Skrillex, the EDM and simply features Justin Bieber, and his long time guitarist, Dan Kanter as they slow it down.



We love the acoustic version of ‘What Do You Mean’… maybe even more than the original version! The black and white video features real life scenes of Justin hanging out with his team, on vacation, with fans, and overall being himself. This is the Justin that Beliebers miss and want to see more of. Justin dedicated this version of the song specifically to his fans, thanking them for their support in making ‘What Do You Mean’ the fastest song in iTunes history to become #1 and in 90 countries.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for the Biebz!