Justin Timberlake Reveals The Truth About The 20/20 Experience! (@jtimberlake)

Tonight was Justin Timberlake’s Album Release party at the El Ray Theater in Los Angeles. Just Moments ago Justin took the stage for his album release party for The 20/20 Experience. Justin Sang his current single, Suit and Tie, which he of course did flawlessly, and even asked for the audience to sing along! Once he finished the song Ryan Seacrest asked him if there was anything he wanted to announce.

Justin said he wanted to address the rumors going around that The 20/20 Experience was not indeed a full album.
Justin said to this, “It’s true, it’s not the full album, it’s only half! There will be another half coming, but I can’t tell you when yet.”

So there you have it folks! Justin will be dropping a The 20/20 Experience Part 2 later this year, apparently around November!
For now, you can pick up The 20/20 Experience exclusively at Target!

Are YOU excited to get even MORE Justin Timberlake Music in the not too distant future?