Kalin and Myles’ Debut Album is 100% Lit & Here’s Why – ALBUM REVIEW (@KalinandMyles)

Kalin and Myles Album CoverAfter “chasing their dreams” to be the next big thing, Kalin and Myles are finally releasing their highly anticipated debut album Kalin and Mylesthis weekand it’s going to be lit !

Hip-hop duoKalin WhiteandMyles Parrish,better known asKalin and Myles,burst onto the scene back in 2011. They first metat a Bay Area house partyand then crossed paths again at a movie showing of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (Beliebers unite!). After coming to the realization that they both share a common interest in music, the twodecided to collaborate and create music together.

The self-titled album consists of 12 tracks including their hit songs “Brokenhearted” and “Take My Time” featuring Kool John (The HBK Gang). The record hasa diverse mixture of fun, upbeat tunesthat will make you want to bust a move (or two). Along with catchy lyrics and their signature sound of harmonizing instruments, this album will make you think twice about what defines “pop music.”

Check out our top 5 tracks that you simply must listen to and be sure to get yourself a copyof their self-titled debut album Kalin and Myleshitting storeson Friday, November 20th!



This track sets the tone for the entire album and “stole my heart” right off the bat! It’soverall mood is like a romanticfilm: a knight in shining armor attemptingto save his princess. With Kalin making us melt with his rich vocalsand Myles’ rappingpoeticallywith his heart on his sleeve, we guarantee this song will have you professing your love in no time!

Change My Life

“Change My Life” has the same hip-hop vibe that carries on in their songs, just with more soul. Getting into the first verse, you quicklysense some inspiration from J.Cole, but with their own original touch. It has the perfect combination of hip-hop and jazz which makes for a refreshingly fun, love song!

Out My Mind

You’ll definitely be “feeling some type of way” after this track. The variety of sounds and underlying beats inOut My Mind” will have you ready to tackle your weekend with full force. This is the song that everyone will be requesting the DJ to play over and over. It’s amusing, it’s catchy, it’s everything a good clubsong needs plusmuch more!

Hands All Over

“Hands All Over”pays homage to the iconic tune Knockin Boots”by Candy Man from possibly the best era yet: the 90s! The famous verse “Ooh girl, I love you so…” has been featured in many songs of its kind and these twodefinitely do it justice. Kalin and Mylescreated a modern track with an upbeat tempo that everyone can groove to. Ain’t no fun like the 90s!

Do What You Do

In this upliftingmelody, the boys slow it down and bring a Macklemore meets Childish Gambino feel to it. The witty lyrics paired with a chill, smooth beat will have girls coming to the realization that youdeserves a man who doesn’t compare you to the unrealistic features of a model. In the wise words of Kalin and Myles,”dowhat you do.”

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