Kat Dahlia Talks New Music + East Coast Tour – Read Our Q&A!

Courtesy of Epic Records
Courtesy of Epic Records

Kat Dahlia will kick off her East coast tour TONIGHT in New York City!

The Cuban-American singer-songwriter released her debut album My Garden in January 2015 and, afterward, took some time off to travel the world. Now she’s back and ready to hit the East Coast and perform for her fans. Plus, she’s back in the studio writing music for her second album.

CelebSecrets4U spoke with Kat about her upcoming East Coast tour and what fans can expect from her performances. She also talked about her exciting travels over the past year and about getting back into the studio and writing some new music. Plus, she told us about one of the more adventurous food she decided to try while abroad  — make sure to read our Q&A with Kat below!

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CS4U: It’s been about a year since your debut album My Garden came out. How does it feel now that your music has been out there for a year for people to listen to?

Kat Dahlia: “It feels like it’s time to make more music, which is what I’m doing now. I’ve been in the studio for the past couple weeks. I’ve been doing sessions, so it really just – it feels good to finally have the music out, but now that it’s been, just like you said, a year tomorrow, it just feels like I need to create more.”

CS4U: Like you just mentioned, now that it’s been a year since your music came out, you want to start working on more music, so can you maybe tell us a little bit more about that and what you’ve been working on?

Kat Dahlia: “I’m just focusing on the lyrics right now. I’m just in the studio and I’m just writing thoughts and I’m writing — just focusing on lyrics more than production right now, so yeah that’s what I’m focusing on. And then I have a certain style that I want to try to capture, but I don’t know if I really want to talk about it yet.”

CS4U: Lyric wise, I know your first album was more about heartbreak, so what can we expect as a theme possibly from your lyrics? What has been inspiring your music lately?

Kat Dahlia: “I mean, it’s always going to be things that are going on in my life or stories that I’ve experienced through other people or stories of friends that I can create into a new story. You know, it’s storytelling which is usually how most of my music is. That’s usually how I end up expressing myself.”

CS4U: You went on a hiatus this year and did a lot of traveling, so can you tell us about your favorite places you visited or food you ate?

Kat Dahlia: “Love the Tivoli Gardens. Those are in Copenhagen and they’re so cool. I went to this spot called Noma, which was like one of the best restaurants in the world. We had a hook up so it made sense to go. Oh and I ate the balut. I ate a duck and I ate the balut. Well I didn’t eat it. I didn’t swallow it. I didn’t ingest it but I spit it out. It was pretty intese. Loved Paris. Probably one of my new favorite places in the world. Yeah, and then I went to Amsterdam but I’ve been there before. We already know what that is. It’s fun. It’s cool. Oh and then I was (laughs) in Amsterdam and I decided to do an escape room like a loser, like the nerd that I am, but it was actually really fun so I recommend doing an escape room while you’re overseas or I’m sure there’s an escape room near you right now.”

CS4U: Now in February, you’re going to be doing an East Coast run so can you tell us where you’ll be going and what fans can expect from the tour? Plus, what’s your favorite part about touring? 

Kat Dahlia: “So February 15th I’ll be in New York. I’m doing Philly on the 16th then I’m doing DC on the 17th. I’m doing Virginia Beach on the 18th. I’m really excited to do another East Coast run because New York is kind of almost like a second home for me, so to be able to see all New Jersey, all New York is going to be great. I always have a great time in DC and Virginia and Philly, especially. I think my favorite part about touring, I mean, besides performing is being able to hang out in the city for the night and just the traveling. I really do enjoy the traveling and meeting people and seeing the fans in person.”

CS4U: Since we are CelebSecrets4U, can you tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know?

Kat Dahlia: “I bite my cuticles. They probably don’t know that.”