Katy Perry Gives Back — An Exclusive Look Inside Her FREE Concert at the Staples Center!

The always fun and kind-hearted Katy Perry decided to do something special and fun here in Los Angeles. Katy rented out the Staples Center and put on a free of charge show for her amazing fans. The show was also the last show of the California Dreams Tour and filmed for her DVD of the tour.

The concert started with old-school black and white video, which played throughout the concert and in between songs to set up the next set of songs. The video starts off with Katy working at a Meat Shop, and being told she works too gently with the meat, she wasn’t at a Bakery. That’s when Katy storms out of the butcher shop and see’s a bakery. She goes in and buys a cupcake, and falls in love with the Baker Boy. She then goes home and shares her cupcake with Kitty Purry, and they fall asleep. Katy has a dream that Kitty has ran away and she goes to find Kitty.

Katy’s first set of songs were Teenage Dream, Hummingbird Heartbeat, and Waking Up In Vegas. Katy was so pumped and energetic, the Staples Center was electric!

Then it cut back away to the video, a couple of mimes trying to draw Katy, but instead made stick figures, which brought her into her song Ur So Gay she then sang her amazing hilarious song Peacock. The costumes for Peacock were amazing, everyone was wearing peacock feathers it was an amazing explosion of color and feathers!

Katy then took center stage to serenade us and to get the crowd pumped up. Katy even chose a lucky guy from the audience to come up on stage with her and she gave him and us a little show! She then very nicely kicked the guy off stage and went into a ballad version of I Kissed A Girl then sped it into a rock version!

We then got the video back and Katy is turned into a cat while looking for Kitty Purry, which brought us into Circle The Drain, followed by a future-istic and pumped E.T.! She then went into Who Am I Living For. Katy was then out into a gorgeous floor length white and sequin dress for Pearl. There was amazing aerialist work by two of Katy’s dancers, at one point they even hooked legs and Katy climbed on top of them like a swing and was raised into the air.

Once again we cut back to the video, Katy is still walking around and sees two people in love, something she has always longed for and brought us into the ballads Not Like The Movies and her current smash hit The One That Got Away. Katy then got in a pink cotton candy float and floated over her amazing fans even threw out guitar picks into the crowd and sang Thinking Of You.

Katy then got a much deserved break and let her back-up singers and dancers take center stage for a little while, they did an amazing rendition of I Want Candy, Milkshake, How Many Licks, Tootsie Roll and showed off some sick moves.

We then got a cut back to the video and Katy got a clue “To find the one that’s true, wear the wig that’s blue” She was then invited to the Ball and we went into Hot N Cold. During Hot N Cold Katy had so many outfit changes I couldn’t keep up with how many she did, but there was at least 6! She then went into the spectacular TGIF! and I Wanna Dance With Somebody! Kitty Purry even came and danced with Katy! Katy then changed her outfit into a white onesie with light-up lights, This, as Katy introduced it, is her absolute favorite song, dedicated to all her Sparks. Fireworks, with an actual firework show on stage, which was breath-taking.

We got one final video of Katy finding true love with the Baker Boy, and she woke up from her dream, only to really find the Baker Boy and Kitty Purry in her life once again. We got the final song of the night, the encore, California Girls! Everyone was on their feet singing and dancing along.

This was such an amazing concert and experience, I will have memories to last a life time. Thank you so much to Katy Perry for putting on a Private, Free Concert for 14,000 fans. Katy, you’re a firework!

c/o: Julie Amico for CelebSecrets4U

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Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

Juliet holds a B.S. in marketing from St. John's University.

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