Kurt Hugo Schneider Co-Hosts An All New Nerdy-Nummies (@KurtHSchneider @RosannaPansino)

Nerdy Nummies

Music Producer, Film Maker, and all around awesome guy Kurt Hugo Schneider recently stopped by YouTube Star Rosanna Pansino’s web-show “Nerdy Nummies.” For those who don’t know what Nerdy Nummies is, it’s a fun baking show that Rosanna does every Tuesday and has different awesome treats every week and every now and then awesome special co-hosts!

This week Rosanna invited Kurt over to make an deliciously awesome Chess Cake! Why you may ask? Kurt is actually an amazing Chess Player! Check out the video below to not only make an awesome Nerdy Nummie, but to see what shenanigans go down!

What did you think of Kurt on Nerdy Nummies?