Lauren Clark Reflects On Her “Biggest Loser” Experience – Read Our Q&A!

THE BIGGEST LOSER -- "Makeover Week" Episode 1710 -- Pictured: Lauren Clark -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
THE BIGGEST LOSER -- "Makeover Week" Episode 1710 -- Pictured: Lauren Clark -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
THE BIGGEST LOSER — “Makeover Week” Episode 1710 — Pictured: Lauren Clark — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Last week on The Biggest Loser was one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the season — makeover week!

The remaining contestants met with Emmy Award-winning fashion expert Tim Gunn at a hip LA clothing boutique where they shed their workout clothes to try on some incredible and gorgeous clothing to see what sizes they fit in now. After picking out some outfits, they joined Hollywood’s hottest hair stylist Ken Paves at his salon to get a stylish new hairdo.

Once the makeovers were complete, the contestants showed off their new bodies and hairstyles to some family and friends who later joined them at the ranch to participate in an exciting challenge.

After the end of an amazing week, the contestants were weighed-in and Lauren Clark fell below the yellow line and was sent home.

CelebSecrets4U spoke with Lauren about her exciting experience during makeover and her overall experience on the Biggest Loser ranch. She also told us about her proudest moment during the competition and gave some advice for our readers who want to live a healthier lifestyle, so make sure to check out our Q&A with Lauren below.

The Biggest Loser airs Monday, February 15, 2016 at 9pm ET on NBC.

CS4U: What was the experience like for you meeting with Tim Gunn and Ken Paves, as well as reuniting with your loved ones in this past episode?

Lauren Clark: “This whole episode was kind of bittersweet just because my mom had looked forward to makeover week the whole time. You know, she’s a huge Tim Gunn fan. She watches Project Runway religiously and I mean I love Tim Gunn as well, but I was a little bit more excited about Ken Paves, just because I know he had worked with Jessica Simpson and I love Jessica Simpson circa 2004. Which I mean she’s gorgeous now too, but I loved her hair back then, so I was really excited to get to work with him. And he gave me exactly what I wanted. And getting to see Caleb and my dad was, I mean, you know, people don’t — I don’t think people realize that when we’re on the ranch, there’s no communication with our families. We fortunately lost a challenge and were rewarded with phone calls and video chats from home so that was — that kind of helped ease some of that anxiety about what was going on at home. But we — after that, there was no communication for another six weeks. And I mean they would tell us if there was questions at home about certain things or, like my dad was taking care of my son and he needed information on his health insurance, stuff like that. And they’re like, you know, something’s wrong, we’ll tell you, but there was no communication and it’s, you know, when you’ve been with a tiny little person for eight years and have only spent four nights at the most apart, it’s really difficult. But it was definitely what I needed to kind of jump-start my motivation.”

CS4U: What was your biggest challenge and most rewarding experience during the show?

Lauren Clark: “I think my biggest challenge was just getting out of my own head and I still struggle with that. It’s not something I think that I’m ever going to fix but I’m becoming more aware of those negative thoughts and knowing where those negative thoughts are coming from and trying to shut them down before they get out of control, so I think that was my main challenge was getting out of my own way and not giving up on myself so much. You know, as soon as we went into singles, we had our first singles challenge and I told the producers afterwards, I was like, you know, I was one of the first ones over to the sandbag pool, but pretty much had given up because I was the last one to pull my sandbags across. But  had not given up and pushed a little bit harder it might have been between me and Roberto instead of me and Felicia.  So, you know, I just — just getting out of my own head and getting out of my own way.”

CS4U: And your most rewarding experience during the show?

Lauren Clark: “Probably having Caleb tell me that he’s proud of me and I had — people just don’t understand what kind of day we had had.  And, I mean, it was a fun day but it was also a stressful day because we knew that our family was around there somewhere and I was just itching to get to that little boy and we had been waiting for — I mean we had been getting ready since 10:00 that morning. We didn’t film until 9:00 that night and, I mean, I was just on edge ready to see him, and I about fell down trying to get to him once that mirror raised. But I kind of missed the part where — in the moment, I missed the part where he told me he was proud of me and then seeing that on film, I mean that was just — that was probably the most rewarding experience.”

CS4U: How has the experience changed your outlook and are you looking forward to the finale?

Lauren Clark: “I think with — I mean this is going to sound crazy, but, you know, the scale has never been my friend, but yet I’m on a TV show that that’s all that matters is what the scale says and I told Jen — since, like, maybe week two, I said you know what, I don’t want young girls to look at me and be like, well, the scale was very important to her. The scale was really important. I want to come the finale — I mean, you know, I’m probably not going to win that home prize, but I want to come into the finale strong and show young girls out there that it’s okay to be strong, and if the scale doesn’t reflect necessarily what you want to see, that doesn’t matter as long as you’re strong internally and externally, I mean that’s what’s most important.  And, you know, forget that number on the scale.”

CS4U: If you could bring out advice to people and viewers who want to live a healthier lifestyle, what advice would that be?

Lauren Clark: “For me, I think it’s just finding some form of motivation and finding something that you truly do enjoy doing. And I know I talked about CrossFit until people are like, if you don’t shut up talking about CrossFit, but I just — it was honestly my saving grace a year ago. And I don’t think it’s so much the actual exercises that we do, as it is the people and the community that it is and, you know, you walk into a room at 255 pounds and you expect people to condemn you and they accept you with open arms. I mean that’s – I mean I think everybody deserves that and everybody needs that. I think everybody needs that chance to – I think people just need to put themselves out there. And I know it’s scary and, you know, I’m – I know people will look at me and say, oh, you weren’t but 234 pounds, but at my heaviest, I was 255 and I had to walk into a gym with people staring at me, doing stuff that, you know, these little 130 pound girls were doing. But it’s just you have to take that first step. And if you can get up enough courage to take that first step then, I mean, that’s all you need to do. So I guess, in short, my advice would be just to, 1, to find something that motivates you and that gets you excited and the other would be to just, you know, find something you enjoy doing and stick with it.”