Liam Payne’s Grandfather Passes Away

BVm86a2CEAApNsKLiam Payne from One Direction is currently going through a difficult time mourning the loss of his grandfather.  Liam is currently on tour with One Direction in Australia and is not going to be able to attend the funeral. He dedicated the song More Than This to his grandfather at the concert in Melbourne.

As soon as fans found out about the passing of Liam’s grandfather, directioners were quick to let him know they were there for him.  They started trending #StaySrongLiam and #RIPGrandpaPayne on twitter.

Liam went to twitter to thank his fans, “Thanks for everyone’s support at this hard time obviously this has been a tough few weeks for me I’ve never been through anything like this”

He continued, “And your support means the world so thanks guys night x”

Thoughts and Prayers go out to Liam and his family.

Photo Credit: via Twitter