Lindy & Logan are getting Psyched in the New Episode of I Didn’t Do it Tonight! – Check Out the Pics!

Olivia Holt and Austin North are Sarah Gilman‘s patients in this new still from I Didn’t Do It.

In tonight’s episode titled “Lindy & Logan get Psyched!” When Delia takes an “Intro to Psychology” class, Lindy and Logan become her first patients. In the meantime, Jasmine joins Garrett’s Math squad and gives the group of quirky math geniuses a confidence makeover that leads to a revolt.

“Lindy & Logan gets Psyched!” airs Sunday, March 15 @ 9 PM on Disney Channel.

Check out a clip and stills from tonight’s new episode of I Didn’t Do It below.

I Didn’t Do It- “Lindy & Logan gets Psyched!”- Clip

Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Ron Tom

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