Listen to Olivia Lane’s ‘My Heartache’ If You’re Anti-Valentine’s Day

Courtesy of Olivia Lane/Facebook

Shout out to Olivia Lane for getting all the singletons through Valentine’s Day this year!

The country songstress’ track “My Heartache” is THE PERFECT song to listen to if you’re riding solo or just hate the day of love, as it has some pretty sassy and girl-power enthused lyrics.

You don’t get to hurt like me, you don’t get no sympathy, you don’t get to act like I walked out the door. It’s my heartache, not yours.

As for Lane, she’ll be spending Valentine’s Day, aka Singles Awareness Day, with her girlfriends and a lot of rom-coms, chocolate, and red wine.

Watch the music video/listen to “My Heartache” below. You can hear “My Heartache” on Olivia’s self-titled deluxe edition of her album, which can be streamed here.


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