Maddie Hasson Talks “Twisted” Winter Premiere – Read the Q&A! (@MadelaineHasson)

SK1_9114We are only one day away from the winter premiere of ABC Family’s hit drama Twisted!

CelebSecrets4U caught up with Maddie Hasson where she gave us the scoop about tomorrow’s episode…

On the relationship between Jo and Rico: “I don’t think she’s ever thought about him as anything other than her friend.  She’s always thought of him as her best friend and someone who really gets her.  They’re interested in the same things, they have fun together, and she can laugh with him. She can be child-like with him, she doesn’t have to deal with the serious things in her life.”

What she likes most about playing Jo: “With Jo, I really like to delve into all of her angst. It’s fun to work with those insecurities and add to them. Little things like biting my nails or twirling my hair helps with that persona. It’s really fun for me to get into that.”

Her favorite moment between Jo and Danny: “I really enjoyed the dancing at the festival. I got to wear that big dress — and we did a funny dance and a cute little waltz.  I really enjoyed that because I was a dancer before, and so was Avan, so we got to play around and make that up ourselves, which was fun and creative.”

Tomorrow’s winter premiere in just one word: “I would say: “180.”  The entire show flips on its head.  By the end of the first episode, it’s very shocking what happens. I’m excited for everybody to see it and see what they think.”

How Jo will deal with the relationship between Danny and Lacey: “Jo sees that Danny isn’t interested in her, so she lets go of that idea.  She is a little bit jaded by Lacey not telling her about her relationship with Danny.  I think she’s more apt to rebuild her friendship with Lacey than she is with Danny.”

Make sure to catch the winter premiere of Twisted on Tuesday, February 11th @ 9PM ET/PT.

Photo: Scott Kirland/FOX

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Written by Juliet Schroder

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