Maddie & Tae Reveal Music Video Concept for New Single “Fly” – Read Here! (@MaddieAndTae)

Joseph Llanes
Joseph Llanes
Joseph Llanes

WhileMADDIE & TAEhit #1 with the cheeky send-up of nameless, long leggy babe-dom with their funky Girl In A Country Song, the Ada, Oklahoman and Sugar Land, Texan are more than social commentary wrapped in a novelty package. Fly, the arcing song that celebrates the moment doubt turns to take-off, the reality mistakes teach you how, is a ballad that offers the same hope and wonder as the Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces. The duo premiered the ballad onThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonlast Friday.

When it came time to shoot a clip for the song of empowerment in the fear and the falter, the pair of 19-year olds wanted something poetic and perhaps a bit fanciful. They turned to director Brian Lazzaro, responsible for evocative videos for Rilo Kiley, Cory Chisel and The Cadillac Three, as well as Eli Young Bands breakthrough Even If It Breaks Your Heart.

Just like we didnt want our second single to be like our first one, Tae Dye explains, we didnt want our second video to beanythinglike our first one, which was so fun. I think Brian really took the idea of how vulnerable you feel when youre trying and its crazy… and found ways that werent literal to represent that.

Brians amazing: the idea of ladders and chairs to show the climb? Maddie Marlow picks up. Being suspended which we are in the performance is just how it feels when you want everything to happen, but youre sort of stuck in what you want and how it is. But thats what the songs about, too, those are the times when you really trulydohave to keep trying.

Capturing girls and women at various stages of life, the soft focus video celebrates vulnerability and strength, believing when it seems nave and the will to make ones dream happen in spite of the odds. Muted tones, evocative tableaus and a strong focus on Maddie & Taes irrepressible spirit evoke the songs sentiment.

I amnotafraid of heights, Tae said. But being up on that wall kinda freaked me out.

It was pretty weird, agreed Maddie. Iveneverclimbed a ladder in a dress that long or full… and all I could think was, dont fall and break something. But once we were up there, it was pretty cool.

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet Schroder

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