Made In The A.M. In Stores Today! – See Our Top 5 Tracks! #MadeInTheAM (@OneDirection)

One Direction‘s brand new album Made In The A.M. hit stores today and it has the inter-web going WILD! MITAM is 1D’s 5th album and it also their first album without the high note king, Zayn Malik.

But that hasn’t seemed to slow the quartet down. They have all stepped up vocally for this album and you can tell that they put their heart and soul into writing it.

As we saw from the album’s first singles “Drag Me Down” and “Perfect,” they are definitely expanding their style of music and exploring a slightly different sound than before. But not too different so Directioners will love it and so will a new audience.

From slow ballads to songs with an upbeat, funky, indie vibe this album is surely one for the listening.

Although hard, we were able to pick out my top 5 must hear tracks:

If I Could Fly: A stripped down ballad that features a piano and some string instruments. This track is one of my faves because it’s just their voices with no extra stuff. You can hear the quality and desperation in their as they are singing about opening up their heart to someone.

Never Enough: This track is a fast tempo, fun flirty track. A lot of the track is made up of weird manly grunts screams and other unidentifiable sounds that make a beat. Weird right? But it worked for this track. Since the track is so fast the verses actually have a rap flow to them. *SWOON* Niall finally got his rap song! This song is about having never being able to get enough of someone.

History: This song has an old school, folky vibe. The song is stripped down and the acoustic guitar is a prominent factor in the song. A song about having a whole lot of history with someone so much History that it can be used to their advantage and made a stronger team/relationship out of it.

End of the Day: An upbeat, bouncy vibe. It’s a song that you can’t help but bob your head to. The lyrics are simple but essentially the song is saying at the end of the day all they want is that special someone.

Love You Goodbye: Another slower ballad but definitely a great tune about a breakup and wanted them to basically love them goodbye before the relationship comes to and end. It’s like wanting to end on a good note.

Welp! That’s a wrap on my top 5 tracks off of the album!

Remember these are just a few of the genius tracks from the album. Be sure to check out these and the rest of Made In The A.M. and comment your favorite tracks down below!