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Rebecca Bloom Talks “The Peanuts Movie” with CelebSecrets4U – Read the Q&A!


Check out our interview with Peanuts Movie star Rebecca Bloom!

Rebecca voices Marcie in the film, which follows Charlie Brown, the world’s most beloved underdog, as he embarks upon an epic and heroic quest, while his best pal, the lovable beagle Snoopy, takes to the skies to pursue his arch-nemesis, the Red Baron.

Rebecca Bloom is a rising child actress who has maintained a down to earth attitude in her rise to stardom. In our interview, the 11-year-old actress told us that she still goes to normal school just like everyone else! She also shared that shes’s been extremely grateful to be casted in the Peanuts Movie because not only has she loved the Peanuts since she younger, but also because she feels like she relates with her character Marcie.

The Peanuts Movie is now playing in theaters and has been receiving remarkable reviews by critics. If you haven’t seen it yet, the movie is certainly a family-friendly movie that is fun for all.

CS4U: You’re the voice of Marcie Peppermint Patty’s friend, in the new Peanuts movie. How did you get the role and why did you want to be a part of this project? 

Rebecca Bloom:  “It was such an honor to get the role of Marcie.  I had to record several times before I found out I had officially gotten the role. I wanted to be a part of this project because ever since I was a little girl my mom read me Peanut stories from her special Peanuts book.”

CS4U: Do you see any similarities between Marcie and yourself?

Rebecca Bloom: “I love school and I love to read books. Although, I am a better athlete than Marcie.”

CS4U: Did you watch The Peanut Movies before? Who’s your favorite character?

Rebecca Bloom: “I saw the specials and loved them. I like Peppermint Patty and Snoopy.”

CS4U: Out of all the animated characters out there, who would you love to do a voiceover for and why?

Rebecca Bloom:  “It would be so fun to voice SpongeBob because he has such a unique character and he gets in silly situations.”

CS4U: . You are so young and you’ve already started doing improvisation, which is amazing. Where does your comedic inspiration come from?

Rebecca Bloom: “My family loves watching comedy so when I had the chance to do improvisation I jumped on it.”

CS4U:  What’s your favorite joke to tell?

Rebecca Bloom:  “I like a good old-fashioned ‘knock-knock joke.'”

CS4U: You attend a regular school and are involved in extra-curricular activities. How did you make time for everything while filming?

Rebecca Bloom:  “I have amazing teachers both at school and on the set who keep me on track with my schoolwork.”

CS4U: You’re heavily involved in charities that help animals. What do those charities mean to you?

 Rebecca Bloom: “Helping animals means so much to me. I recently adopted two kittens. I also speak out in favor of freeing the orcas from captivity.”

 CS4U:  Do you have any upcoming projects besides The Peanuts Movie?

Rebecca Bloom:  “I’m about to start working on a new animated project.”

CS4U: Since we are CelebSecrets4U, can you tell us a secret about yourself that your fans may not know?

 Rebecca Bloom: “I climb like a spider up the door jams in my house.”

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