Merry Christmas From CelebSecrets4U!

We’d like to wish our readers a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

We got to catch up with tons of stars on what they’re doing for the holidays.

Special wishes from BooBoo & Fivel Stewart, Savannah Outen, Lauren Mandel, and Fedora are in the clips below. We also got to catch up with Victorious star Austin Anderson and recording artist, Ashlyne Huff!




When we asked Austin Anderson what his new year’s resolution was we couldn’t help but laugh, its just too cute! “My 2011 new year’s resolution would be… I’m gonna try to write a song everyday for the 365 days. Its gonna be hard because sometimes you just don’t feel it.. haha it can’t be that hard! Even tough the songs might be stupid.. ANYWAYS! 11 is my lucky number so 365 days of song writing!”

How is Ashlyne celebrating the holidays? She’s going skiing! “I’m going to ski in Utah with my family for a couple days and then I get to go back home to have a Tennessee Christmas! I cannot wait. :)”

We also know that everyone’s thankful for something this year. “I am thankful for the new people that have come into my life this past year. I made a lot of changes (like moving across the country, going on two big tours, and refining the team of people I work with. Without everyone new, I would not have been where I am today to get ready for 2011! And of course, my support systems that have always been there through thick and thin…you need good people in your life.”

I also love hearing everyone’s resolution for the new year! “Hmm… on a small scale, I’d love to stop biting my nails. On a larger scale, I would like to make some waves in the music industry (good ones of course) with my new album coming out!” Ashlyne says.

See exclusive videos from Austin Anderson here.

Written by Juliet Schroder

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