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MIGUEL PINZONThe world premiere of ABC Family’s comedy Mystery Girls is only three days away!

In honor of the premiere, Miguel Pinzon, who plays Nick in the series, chatted with press and spilled the details on what it’s like working with Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling, which “Mystery Girl” he can relate most to, his favorite part about filming, and how he gets into character. Check out the Q&A at the end of the article!

Mystery Girls follows Charlie Contour (Garth), a suburban housewife and mother, and Holly Hamilton (Spelling), who longs for her glory days in the 90’s when she was on television starring with Charlie as the “Mystery Girls.” Both of their lives are disrupted when Nick (Miguel Pinzon), a witness to a crime and a “Mystery Girls” fanatic, will only speak to the infamous duo, and the former friends must reunite and put their TV crime-solving skills to the test.

In the premiere episode, “Death Becomes Her,” Nick discovers an online rumor going around that Holly is dead, but instead of immediately correcting it, they start selling some of her unwanted belongings online to make extra money and find that someone is trying to sell a sex tape from her TV show days. The ‘Mystery Girls’ let the rumor flourish and throw a fake memorial service, complete with Holly in disguise, in order to track down the culprit.

Mystery Girls premieres this Wednesday, June 25th @ 8:30PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

What it’s like working with Tori [Spelling] and Jennie [Garth]: “It’s like a dream come true!  First of all, I watched 90210.  Donna Martin and Kelly Taylor are very specific people to me.  Donna Martin at prom, the stalkers they had, all those things, I went through the emotional toll with them [laughs].  So to actually have these two actresses, who have such iconic characters and then to meet them in a very real way and to see beyond those characters, has been an absolute delight.”

Which Mystery Girl character he can relate to the most to: “I would have to say Holly [Spelling], and purely in the sense that she’s very trusting and believes people at their word and that’s very much me.  If you tell me something that seems absurd, I will believe you. I definitely have that component of Holly, where there’s a slight innocence, you take everyone at their word, and you would totally invite them into your house.  That’s totally an invitation to anyone who wants to come over for dinner.  I will absolutely open the door to you [laughs]. But then Holly loves to have a really good time and sometimes does not care about the consequences.  Sometimes when I want to make something fun happen, I don’t really worry about what will happen afterwards and just make it happen! I think I’m like Holly in those two traits.”

His favorite part about filming Mystery Girls: “It’s a wild level of campiness almost! The allowance that we have for physical comedy, to be in disguises.  That allows us so much to do, and so much to play.  I’ve never seen a female duo detective comedy.  You had Cagney and Lacey, but that wasn’t really a comedy.  You have female duos in other scenarios, but to have them in this sort of mystery world, it’s so fun with these endlessly changing circumstances.  We’ve got to solve this crime, but the crimes we solve are just so silly and absurd, but we play it for the truth of it and that’s one of my favorite parts; the allowance to just go in all these fun, delicious, crazy directions.”

What attracted him to portray his character: “Nick was originally written with the last name Doyle, so I like to give props to the writers for honoring my Latino blood memory and changing his last name to Diaz.  I’d say he’s around him around 21.  He just moved to L.A. from Ohio, so he’s like a kid with that gleam in his eye to get to Los Angeles and be amongst all the action.  He is by far, the number one Mystery Girls fan. As you know, within the show, the girls play former 90s television stars who had a show in the 90s called Mystery Girls and he discovered the show in his youth.  It’s one of those life-changing shows for him.  He’s obsessed, he knows every single episode.  He feels like he’s lived it through with them.  So once he moves to L.A. through absurd circumstances, his crosses paths with theirs, and he becomes their assistant in the office.  That is the moment where his dreams come true. He’s an Aries.  He’s determined, he’s not really afraid to say what is exactly on his mind.  He’s not the world’s best assistant, but he knows when he has to work and when he doesn’t have to work.  He’s just obsessed with being next to these two girls every day and he always wants to get in the middle of the action because they’re always solving these crimes, but his job is to stay behind in the office.  Nick always finds a way to leave the office and join in on the action. He’s total fun.  He’s also slightly crazy [laughs]. The things he does blow my mind.”

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC Family

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