Mila Kunis and Jimmy Fallon Use Filters While Acting Out Scenes – Watch Now

Photo by: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America

Mila Kunis stopped by The Tonight Show and ended up acting out different scenes with host Jimmy Fallon all while using different iPad filters. The results were just as hilarious as you might expect as the two could barely contain their laughter throughout every scene.

The first scene they were to act out was two people out on a Tinder date. Mila’s face shows a very large wide mouth while Jimmy’s changes mid scene to be super squished, would added to the hilarity of the scene.

The second scene was two old college roommates who meet up at a 10 year reunion. Mila’s filter has her mouth do circles while Jimmy’s filter has his head splitting in two.

The last scene was long lost twins meeting each other for the first time. Mila decided they should probably both use the same filter for this particular scene, so they chose and acted. Mila was visibly in tears from laughter. Watch the video below:


Photo by: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America

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