Miley And Liam’s Newest Picture!

Young, Hot, Hollywood. Three words that describe Miley Cyrus’ new twitter picture. Miley added the new picture to her site earlier and it is absolutely gorgeous. Miley and Liam look absolutely stunning, adorable and in love. Just chilling out at home in a sweatshirt and tank, they seem so relaxed and at peace, just happy to be in each others presence. What else do we see in the picture? A perfect view of Miley’s new bling, her flawless engagement ring! Although the two have said they won’t be walking down the aisle before Miley gets her new album out, we are always happy to see two love birds happy as can be, to quote Phoebe from Friends, “He’s her lobster!”

What do YOU guys think of Miley’s new TwitPic?

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