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Monica Ten-Kate Dishes On Her Dad Finally Seeing A Live Reading And What Fans Can Expect From New ‘Monica The Medium’ Episodes

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Since the return of Monica the Medium on Freeform last month, we’ve been following Monica Ten-Kate through her cross-Atlantic move to San Diego as she found a new home, searched for new roommates, met new boys and continued to connect with Spirit.

With the first half of season two almost over, Celeb Secrets decided to catch up with Monica one more time to get the scoop on what we have seen so far in season two and what we can expect from the next few episodes. In our interview, she talks about her dad finally seeing her give a live reading, her experience watching back her first blind date with her now-boyfriend Tyler and her excitement over fans seeing the next few readings that she gives in the newer episodes – make sure to read our exclusive Q&A with Monica below!

On tonight’s episode, Monica commits to living a healthier lifestyle and convinces her roommates to participate in a mud run. Meanwhile, Kayla questions Tyler on his feelings towards Monica after Monica passes on a new matchmaking attempt.

“Muddy Waters” airs Monday, June 13, 2016 at 10:00pm ET on Freeform.

Check out some clips from tonight’s episode below.

CS: On last week’s episode, your dad finally got to see you give a reading and he seemed just so proud of you. Can you talk us through that moment and how you felt because it seems like he understands a little bit more?

Monica Ten-Kate: “Absolutely. The first time my dad ever even remotely saw a reading was when we went to dinner that day [in season one] but he was too busy paying attention to his oysters (laughs). He couldn’t hear anything and he only saw the reactions of them kind of from afar. That [last week’s episode] was really the first time that my dad was ever getting to fully witness a reading – to fully hear it from start to finish kind of thing – and not just one, but multiple, and I think that was really what he needed to kind of have his own little kind of transformation, if you will, to get to see how it works and understand it better, and I think no matter where he stands in his belief, because he will always have that kind of rational thought in him where he has to question everything, he definitely can see that this is a gift and that I do have an ability. He might not know exactly where this ability comes from or how it works, but to have his support and to see him be so proud of me is like the best feeling ever, especially by the end of that event. It really made me so happy.”

CS: He also seemed a little surprised that James Van Praagh has been able to make a career out of just being a medium. Are you kind of leaning towards that? Is that what you want to do? I know in the first season you were struggling with college because you were like I just want to be a medium, so have you figured that out? Do you want to do something else on top of that?

Monica Ten-Kate: “I’m seeing where life takes me, but I do know I want to do this work as a medium for the rest of my life and whether it is professionally doing events, seeing clients, all of that or maybe I would say like maybe ten years from now want to be a stay at home mom for a couple of years, have a family, get married, you know have that part of things but then I would still be sharing my gift as I can so whether it be as a career or taking a break and kind of doing other things, this will always be a part of my life. As far as now, I know that this is what I want to do. You don’t need a degree to talk to dead people (laughs) so that’s why it’s stressful sometimes balancing college and I don’t have as much motivation passing your classes with A when you’re already doing what you know you want to do in life and what you love. I already know that I want to do this.”

CS: You went on a blind date with Tyler and you guys are now still together. How was it watching the show together? Were you worried about what would be said?

Monica Ten-Kate: “Yeah, we’re both like oh my god this is so awkward (laughs), especially the first episode like watching that blind date was actually so uncomfortable and was really hard to watch, but then after that, we’ve now watched the sushi date and the things coming up will be more so fun than uncomfortable because now it’s kind of exciting to watch back and see where we started and how our relationships progressed and everything. It’s kind of just funny watching it with him because we were both like so awkward and just getting to know each other and now he’s my boyfriend and like my best friend and I’m so comfortable, so it’s weird to imagine a time when we were like that. It’s just trippy. Most people don’t get to relive their first dates on national television (laughs).”

CS: Your roommates have been a little bit more prominent on the show than they were last season. How did they feel about that? I know it’s nice to see Krista finding a job and listening to kayla try to figure what you do.

Monica Ten-Kate: “Her commentary is hilarious. Just constant humor. Oh my god. and people are like is she just like that in the interview or on the show, and I’m like no I live with this girl off-camera, and whether it’s off-camera or on-camera, she’s just as nutty, crazy and fun and that is 100% her personality. They’re such outgoing girls and so much fun and so great. They are awesome roommates, but also I think, are such a fresh addition and such a fresh energy for season two. I love that they are a part of it. I laugh so hard watching the episodes back like hearing Kayla and Kirsten and their commentary makes it more fun for me too, so I really enjoy it.”

CS: What can fans expect from the upcoming episodes?

Monica Ten-Kate: “Well the next episode I think is probably my favorite of the season. Us four roommates, we sign up to do a mud run and that was so much fun, and then in that episode, is some of my favorite readings. I give a reading to my personal trainer and that’s somebody who I’ve become very close with like the people at the gym and everything. I really like the next episode because it’s just like what I’m doing every day. Obviously, the show is what I’m doing every day, but there are some things that I really get excited about that we can incorporate and show certain parts of my life and that is one of them I’m really excited for because the readings are really great and they’re more personal for me because I’m very close with them, so I’m excited for the next episode. Oh, and it’s also my first kiss with Tyler next episode, spoiler alert (laughs). That’s another reason why it’s my favorite. Also, we go to Palm Springs for a little getaway, us girls and Tyler and one of his friends and then I do my first event at MiraCosta, the college where I’ve been taking my classes at in San Diego. There’s some fun stuff coming up and I’m really excited for people to get to tune in for the rest of the season.”

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