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Music Monday: Listen to The Griswolds’ New Album “High Times For Low Lives”

Happy Monday, readers!

Meet our Music Monday artist of the week, The Griswolds.

The Griswolds are a four-piece indie rock band from Sydney, Australia. According to lead singer Daniel Duque-Perez, the band was started accidentally,”We all grew up in Sydney. Chris and I were great friends, just hanging out at parties being kids, and Lachlan and Tim were friends that somehow came into our lives.”

It is hard to describe The Griswolds’ sound because they encompass an expanded sound scape of an indie-alt-tropical sound with beat-laden R&B, afro-beat funk, sparkling pop, soul and electronic flavors.”We’ve drawn influences from hip-hop, R&B and soul, even all the way to pop and electronic,” Duque-Perez shared.

The Griswolds just released their sophomore album High Times For Low Lives via Wind-up Records on Friday (November 11). High Tides For Low Lives is a playful, ominous, twisted, and turbulent album that explores the band’s real life journeys and experiences about their dreams, love, and heartbreak.

The album delivers very personal messages that was “challenging and frightening” to write. It’s something the band is very proud of and excited to share with their fans. “It’s very satisfying to conquer the hump that at the end of the day, honesty is the best policy. The lyrics to the songs don’t paint us all in the best light for the listener. But, then again, we aren’t role models,” the lead singer said.

Our favorite song off the album is “I Want It All,” which is a so personal and relatable tugging at our heart. The lyrics are honest with a sense of despair; something we’ve all felt when we know a relationship isn’t working anymore. The variety of sounds and influences of different genres transports you away from the real world.

If you haven’t streamed The Griswolds new album, do so. “It’s not just a collection of songs. It was really important for us to bring back the art of making albums because we feel like that is lost. The album is just better heard in it’s entirety. Plus, we think it sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before,” Daniel says. And we definitely agree.

Listen to High Times for Low Lives below and make sure to keep up with The Griswolds by following them on Twitter at @wethegriswolds.

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