Music Monday: Meet Diana Espir

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Juliet Schroder/CelebSecrets4U
Juliet Schroder/CelebSecrets4U

Happy Monday, readers!

Meet our newMusic Mondayartist this week,Diana Espir.

Diana Espir(pronounced Dee-anna) is a British-based singer that recently moved to the United States to make her American musical debut.

“I was born in England, but I was actually raised in Switzerland,” Dianatold usexclusively.

She made her start in the arts by playing the piano and later branched out into singing and musical theater.

“[Singing] just kind of started organically and then I was trained in musical theater,” Dianasays.”I went to a few schools for dancing, singing and acting. I thought that what I wanted to do was be in stage and be more like a chorus girl, but then I auditioned for The Voice France.

After her experience on The Voice France,Diana hit the studio to work on original music. “The Voice Franceled to me meeting this manager who knew a producer in America who wanted to sign a Europeanartist, so we wrote a song together.” Diana shared with us.

But transitioning from musical theater to pop music isn’t as easy as everyone thinks. After intense training, Diana recorded her debut single “Tomboy” with famous rapper Nelly.

After “Tomboy,” Espir released two more songs called “Side Chick” and “Paradise” and has been receiving positive reviewsfrom music critics. Still making a name for herself here in the States,Diana will be releasing a new track called “When The Love Hits” soon and hopes to tour in clubs across the U.S. this summer.

CelebSecrets4U caught up with Diana in New York City recently to talk all things music, beauty and fashion! In our interview, the 23-year-old opens up about her new sound, living in Los Angeles, and where we can see her in the near future. She also spills some pretty cool beauty and fashion secrets that will forever be your lifesaver — make sure to check out the full Q&A below!

For more information onDiana Espir,visit her official website at and follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @DianaEspir.

CS4U: You were telling me that you moved to Los Angeles last year, so how do you like living in LA?

Diana Espir: Oh my goodness I love Los Angeles! Its so nice. I just think the quality of life out there is really great when youre an artist because even though there is a lot going on, everything is somewhat spread out. I like writing lyrics and doing melodies, and because LA isa bit more quiet than New York, I actually have a mic set up in my home where I can record myself. It’s really nice. I love it there and Ive made really nice friends.

CS4U: Do you have a favorite spot in LA that you like to go to?

Diana Espir: I love getting breakfast at FoodLab. Its a really nice cafe that serves avocado toast and really nice coffee. I love Cafe Prima as well. Its very LA. I go to Soul Cycle right next door, so after a I work out I stop by and get a coffee over there.

Juliet Schroder/CelebSecrets4U
Juliet Schroder/CelebSecrets4U


CS4U: Let’s talk music. How would you describe our sound to our readers?

Diana Espir: I think my music is definitely pop. It used to be more rhythmic pop, but now its very “up-to-date” with the material you hear on the radio right now. It has an electro-drop, but its still rhythmic pop.

CS4U: You have a new single coming out called When The Love Hits what can you tell our readers about it?

Diana Espir:”Im trying to tell a different side to the story with “When The Love Hits.” I dont want to talk about the stuff that everyone talks about in their songs, so my new single is about love and how love always doesn’t need to be about games. It brings a positive message such as ‘real love does exist.’

“When The Love Hits”is about just letting it happen, rolling with the punches, and not doing things one way or another. It’s just a feel good song.

CS4U: Whats next for you in the future?

Diana Espir: Right now we are releasing one single at a time because pop is new for me, so I’m trying to see as we go. Ive recently signed to the YouTube network to develop a YouTube channel and release covers. I love doing covers and giving them my own twist. In the summer, we are hoping to do more touring; mostly at clubs with DJs and dancers. Not so much like a band because my music is very pop. I’ve toured a little bit before the holidays, but I am waiting to get a little more music out there to officially hit the road.

CS4U: Why do you think our readers should check out your music?

Diana Espir: When I make music, I don’t do music thinking Im going to do it because everyone is going to love it. I just do music that talks about things that not everyone likes to talk about and I am a bit more daring with my choices. Sometimes it is a bit controversial, but I am very hands on. I write, co-direct my videos, design my cover art and do all these things. I literally pour my heart and soul into all my music and I try to make current, fun music that everyone can relate to. I think that a lot of the pop artists out there right noware just trying to be perfect, while I’m trying to make my music very relatable to young women.

Diana Espir/Instagram
Diana Espir/Instagram

CS4U: Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, do you have any secrets about yourself that you can share with our readers?

Diana Espir: “I’m a really good puddle jumper (laughs). Kidding! When I was at training performing arts school, my weekend job was a makeup assistant. I would help out a few makeup artists glam their clients. Ive also worked on voiceovers, been a journalist; I know different sides of the industry thanks to all these experiences, so its quite fun.”

CS4U:Since you’re very stylish and worked in the makeup industry, what are some beauty and fashion secrets that you swear to live by?

Diana Espir: “The secret to make your eyeliner perfect is simple use your credit card! You know how people spend like hours to get that perfect line? Literally just use your credit card to get it! Put your credit card on your eye on an angle and just draw the line. I always have winged eyeliner cause I really like it, so I use a credit card to make it look really sharp. Its super straight, too. You can also use a post-it paper, but I just use a credit card. Only credit though, not debit. 😉

When it comes to fashion, I like to be comfortable, so I wear a lot of basics with crazy jackets and boots, bags and sunglasses. Everything I wear is basic except for my accessories and thats a good way to feel good and comfortable and not in costume.”

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

Juliet holds a B.S. in marketing from St. John's University.

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