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Meet our newest Music Monday artist this week, GIIA

GIIA, is vocalist Emmy Giarrusso that presents soulful atmospheric electronic music inspired by trap and pop. Growing up in Boston, GIIA began singing at a very young age launching her early vocal training in opera. She later attended Berklee College of Music to study contemporary voice. After moving to NYC, GIIA began writing top lines for local producers and was inspired to create music of her own.

Her debut feature track, “One” produced by MEMBA, was released in June 2016 and she is now releasing a slew of her own tracks, starting with “Burning Game” and “Fade to Grey,” ready to break into the electronic music scene with an intimate blend of electronic and trap with big ethereal vocals complemented with touches of her operatic style.

Celeb Secrets caught up with GIIA recently to talk all things music! In our interview, the singer/songwriter talks about her writing style, her new song “Fade to Grey” and her dream collaborations. Check out the full Q&A below!

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Celeb Secrets: How would you describe your sound for an audience who hasn’t heard your music yet?

Emmy Giarrusso: “This is always a tough question. I would say my stuff has an indie electronic vibe with a sprinkle of trap and pop but its always evolving!”

Celeb Secrets: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Emmy Giarrusso: “I draw my inspiration from artists like George Maple, Kai and Little Dragon.”

Celeb Secrets: When did you start pursuing your music career?

Emmy Giarrusso: “I have been singing and performing for almost all my life. I decided to make GIIA a reality about two years ago.”

Celeb Secrets: What makes you unique as an artist?

Emmy Giarrusso: “I was trained classically as a Opera singer for most of my life. That sound still comes out in my voice. It creates a unique combination of styles when mixed with the electronic aspect of my music.”

Celeb Secrets: Do you write your own music?

Emmy Giarrusso: “Yes I write my own lyrics and melodies. Lately, I feel like my writing is starting to click and reach a new level. I am excited to share my new work!”

Celeb Secrets: What is the best part about being in the studio?

Emmy Giarrusso: “A good day tracking vocals is the best. Recording vocals can be tricky when you aren’t in the right zone mentally or physically so I love when it all comes together and the takes come fast and easy. I love being in the booth.”

Celeb Secrets: Your single, “Burning Game,” not only is supposed to be catchy, but also has a deeper meaning to it. Can you tell us about that?

Emmy Giarrusso: “”Burning Game” is about falling back into old habits and continuing toxic relationships even though you know you should walk away. Its a dark track!”

Celeb Secrets: When can we expect new releases from you?

Emmy Giarrusso: “My new single, “Fade To Grey” just came out a few weeks ago! It is a really big cinematic track and I am super excited about it. Stay tuned for the video as well!”

Celeb Secrets: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

Emmy Giarrusso: “Right now my dream collab would be with with Mura Masa or What So Not. They are some of my favorite producers out there and I love what they do with vocals. Maybe one day!”

Celeb Secrets: Since we are Celeb Secrets, do you have any secrets/fun facts about yourself that you would like to share with us?

Emmy Giarrusso: “Hmmm, when I’m not making music Im either teaching yoga or eating ice cream (my sweet tooth cannot be tamed).”

Photo by Selbi Taganova

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

Juliet holds a B.S. in marketing from St. John's University.



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