Music Monday: Meet Nick Hissom

Happy Music Monday, readers!

Meet our latest obsession – former Tommy Hilfiger model turned pop sensation Nick Hissom.

After years of modelling, Nick had set out to pursue a career in music and has now fully launched himself onto the grid. With his much-anticipated EP Love Energy finally out, the Britain native is ready to prove that he is a force to not only love, but to fear. The five-track project includes his hit song, “One” as well as his brand-new single, “Where You Are”. His music is youthful, effervescent, and the perfect addition to your summer playlist. I recently caught up with the 23-year-old singer/songwriter to talk about Love Energy, his upcoming album, his next single titled Falling,“ hidden talents, and much more!

For more information on Nick Hissom and his new EP Love Energy, check out his official site

 I don’t make music to fit one city, one lifestyle, one gender, or one culture.

I try to connect with human beings as a whole.

-Nick Hissiom

Celeb Secrets: What shows, movies, music are you obsessed with right now?

Nick: “I’m still loving Taylor Swift‘s 1989, the new Justin Timberlake song for the Trolls soundtrack, and Adele‘s album is incredible. A lot of what makes the artist special is the voice both musically and vocally. She has an incredible voice and story. As for movies, I’m really into Disney movies. I’m big on that still! It’s all part of my childhood. Like Zootopia for example was a great movie. I loved how it was about equality and not stereotyping. It had really good morals for kids and people in general. I thought it was really good, lighthearted, and fun.”

Celeb Secrets: Congratulations on the New EP! How did your launch party go?

Nick: “It was so much fun! I was at Bootsy Bellows and I had a performance there. The fans were really excited about it and I had a lot of fun up on stage. I performed my single “One” there. Then I had an acoustic show at my house where I performed my new single “Where You Are” and another song called “Crazy Like You”. I would have to say that “Crazy Like You” is my favorite song. I did a show in New York as well! I performed more there than my LA show, but they it was just as fun. I had an amazing time and a lot of support from my team and a lot of amazing people. It was a really fun night!”

Celeb Secrets: Can you describe your new EP in only 3 words?

Nick: “Honestly, it’s true to its name. So even though this sounds so typical, I would have to say: love, energy, and music. I couldn’t pick three words that described it better. The EP is all about creating happiness, creating inspiration, and connecting with people through music. The more love you have in your life, the happier you are. So when it came down to the type of music I wanted to make, I chose music that made people love music, love themselves, and love others. I want to make a genuine impact on making others’ lives happier. There’s even a song called “One” about self-empowerment. That’s really why I do music. To connect with as many people as possible.”

Celeb Secrets: What was the inspiration behind your song “Where You Are”?

Nick: “Thank you! I was inspired by Enrique Iglesias“Hero”. I love that song. It’s a slow ballad, but the video still packs a punch. I wanted to do something like that. My executive producer Steve Morales actually made a lot of his hit songs so I feel very close to him [Iglesias]. The lead girl and I were always connected in a way and that was the central point of the song. I wanted to let my fans know that if you don’t have someone, you have me. You’re not alone. It was just from a different perspective, a more cinematic view vs a melodic interpretation.”

Celeb Secrets: Is there a song that should be on the look out for in the future?

Nick: “The second single is called “Falling” and that’s one I think you’ll really like, especially the lyrics which I wrote. It applies to everyone who has gone or is going through a journey of trial and error. In life, you’ll fail again and again and again, but you have to pick yourself back up each time. We’re going to shoot the video in the Bahamas or Miami really soon. It’s out now, but the video will probably be out at the end of June. I’m really excited for that one!”

Celeb Secrets: What’s your favorite song to perform live?

Nick: “One of my favorite songs off the EP would have to be “Crazy Like You”. It’s about how we’re all the same and a little weird. Ultimately how we all connect to each other. I normally perform it last in an acoustic way. Everyone puts their phones up in the air and it’s incredible to just look out at a sea of light and feel their emotions. As an artist, it feels incredible to know you’re creating that emotion out there with them. It’s a two-way exchange. Seeing it mean a lot to them means a lot to me. Especially when they haven’t heard it before. It’s actually more fun that way because you’re able to see how it impacts them for the first time. That’s a very unique experience which I haven’t seen until recently.”

Celeb Secrets: Dead or alive, what is the one artist you would love to collaborate with?

Nick: “Michael Jackson. There’s nobody better than him. He had such an incredible understanding for music and people. His view of people and the world was so innocent. And those things combined make him one of the best performers there could ever be. He’s in a category with very few people. He’s up there with Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and a few others. It’s a very small group.

Celeb Secrets: Are you currently working on any other projects?

Nick: “I’m working on the album and there wil be some songs from the EP on it. The album itself is evolving and getting better and better. I’m so excited for people to hear it! It still carries the theme as Love Energy. All of my music does actually. It’s something that truly resonates with me as an artist. I live my life by that philosophy. It’ll be out in the next six months or so.”

Celeb Secrets: Would you happen to have a title for it yet?

Nick: “There’s a good chance I’m going to call it Love Energy 2.0 or something! I can’t think of more accurate and emotionally resonating words. What emotion is more powerful than love? As far as I’m concerned, I might have to name the album that!”

Celeb Secrets: For people who have yet to discover you, why should they give your music a chance?

Nick: “They should give my music a chance because I don’t think they’ve heard anything like it before. The music will speak to them on a very raw, human level.  I don’t make music to fit one city, one lifestyle, one gender, or one culture. I try to connect with human beings as a whole.”

Celeb Secrets: Since we are Celeb Secrets, do you have a secret or hidden talent that your fans may not know about?

Nick: “I’m actually very good at juggling. No one really knows that and I don’t do it often. But interestingly enough, I’m really good at hand-eye coordinating things. I can balance and juggle at the same time. I need to do an Instagram video of it! Secret wise, I have a songwriting book. I always keep it with me and it was given to me right before I performed at the American Music Awards Malibu Mansion Party. I was taking the stage with other big name artists who I was intimidated by like Nick Jonas and Fall Out Boy. All really talented and great musicians. So she gave me this notebook and the title of it is “trust your crazy ideas”. I write only positive things in and stuff that pertains to music. It’s like little flashes of my career, but only the best. So whenever I need inspiration, I go read that and I think of my vocal coach Mindy.”

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