New Destiny’s Child Music On The Way!

Could it be true? Will our airwaves be filled with Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams together, once again? According to the Huffington Post and Destiny’s Child manager Mathew Knowles, yes its true. It has been a long 8 years since we have bought a brand new album from the trio, and now Music World Entertainment along with Sony will be releasing not one, but two compilation albums! What this means is that music that didn’t make the album’s in the past will appear on these two new albums

Mathew told The Huffington Post that, “We still have our joint venture with Sony, and in November, we’re putting out two Destiny’s Child catalog records with new material.”  He also talked about a possible reunion tour, but why it wont happen for at least half a decade. Michael says, “It takes a year of planning to do these tours, but first it starts with the artist wanting to do it. And I think the ladies are still working happily in their solo careers, and I hope in the next five years that there is a reunion tour. I think it would be incredible.” He went on to say, “The hardest thing would be choosing which songs they’re going to do, because we would want to mix it up with solo hits and Destiny’s Child hits. We would have to throw away some #1’s from off the set list.”

Are YOU excited for Destiny Child’s New Albums and POSSIBLE reunion tour?