Nick Jonas Shows His Vulnerability In New Album ‘Last Year Was Complicated’

It’s official, Nick Jonas has left his boy-band image behind!

Today, June 10th, Nick Jonas released his new seductive album, Last Year Was Complicated. The new album tells the story of Jonas’s breakup with former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. Jonas pours his heart out in 12 tracks that will leave you with a range of emotions.

“You know I love your skin but it’s much deeper than that.” Jonas sings in “Good Girls”.

His new material is far away from his “JoBros” days and has really come into his own as a solo artist. Jonas has Jay Z to thank for the title of his most recent work, Last Year Was Complicated.

“I had a meeting with Jay Z […] I played him the record and I had a different title picked out and he said, ‘You know I love the music and the direction but I don’t think the title’s quite right, we should think of some other ones’.

“So he said: ‘Tell me about the last year of your life,’ and I said ‘Last year was complicated’.”

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