Nickelodeon Night of Premieres October 11th!

Nickelodeon delivers a music-filled Columbus Day celebration with brand-new live-action premieres on Monday, Oct. 11.  The night starts with iCarly“iDo” at 8pm, featuring Miranda Cosgrove performing “Shakespeare,” a track off her newly-released album Sparks Fly This is the first time that Carly sings on the show!

The night continues with Big Time Rush “Big Time Girlfriends” at 8:30pm, featuring a brand-new music video for the song “Boyfriend,” off their debut CD BTR (out Oct. 11 on Columbia Records).

iCarly “iDo” at 8pm – An iCarly fan proposes to his girlfriend live on the web show and the exuberant couple ask Carly, Sam and Freddie to be in the wedding party.  When the bride-to-be has second thoughts about marrying her fiancé, Carly must come to the rescue and remind the couple that they are meant to be together. Miranda Cosgrove performs “Shakespeare,” a track off her newly released album Sparks Fly.

Big Time Rush “Big Time Girl Friends” at 8:30pm James is helping Camille run lines for a soap opera audition when they get caught up in the moment and kiss!  Gustavo tries to set up Carlos with his first girlfriend so he can learn about heartbreak, and Kendall and Jo have such busy schedules they never have time to see each other.

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

Juliet holds a B.S. in marketing from St. John's University.