Nicki Minaj Makes Her “Pink Print” on 2014

Pills and Potions
Pills and Potions

Rumors have been surfacing galore for the NYC native Nicki Minaj regarding her new album Pink Print.

Her new single “Pills and Potions” shows off her new range and her new fashion sense.

Lately she has dropped the colorful wigs and extensive outfits for a more calm runway inspired demeanor. The queen of rap and advertising uses her new music video to advertise the sound system pill by beats showing that she knows her way around product placement.

The “Pink Print” is already the most anticipated Hip Hop album of 2014. Shes been teasing with remixes on fellow artist songs and has also been rumored to be working on a mix tape but wont be shown until after the  Young Money: Rise Of Empire album to be released in March where its been confirmed she has a track listed.

If this wasn’t already enough of anticipation, Rapper T.I. and consultant of Iggy Azalea recently released information saying that it may take some time but a collaboration could be seen in the future. If anything is for sure Nicki has already left her trail and 2014 just began.

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