One Direction Cancel Their First Show In 5 Years and Release A #PerfectMusicVideo – Watch The Video Here!



Oh no! One Direction have a last-minute cancellation for one of their Belfast concerts October 20th due to their fellow band member, Liam Payne, “suddenly falling ill”.

The unfortunate announcement was made when most of the concert-goers were already in the venue. As you could imagine, many Directioners weren’t as understanding as others. Apparently, fans were booing, even crying when security was escorting them out. Some fans were distraught because they’ve been camping out for days on end, but others were more worried about the 22 year-old performer’s health.  A member of One Direction’s PR team, Simon Jones, tweeted this twitlonger explaining why the concert had to be cancelled, asking fans to hold on to their tickets and telling them to stay tuned for the band’s statement expected sometime today.

The other men of 1D took to their twitters to express their deepest sympathy for their fans and of course their friend.

On the bright side, the much-anticipated music video for their latest single, Perfect was released yesterday and it is, well PERFECT.

The #PerfectMusicVideo is kinda like a tribute to Little Things, but this time in the setting of a New York hotel room. The video takes fans behind the scenes of them on tour. It shows what goes on behind closed doors when the concerts end. You see clips of the boys messing around in the hallways, playing with a bellhop trolley, and many more. In case you aren’t one of the 3 million + who has seen the video, you can watch it here!

The boys are currently on their last tour before their indefinite hiatus which they clearly need after going 5 years, non-stop! Great job with your perfect music video and we’re all wishing you a speedy recovery Liam!

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