One Direction Hits the Radio 1’s Live Lounge #1DR1LiveLounge (@OneDirection)

One Direction are all around great performers so we would expect nothing less from them, when they took to BBC’s Radio 1 Live Lounge today (Nov. 12).

The Live Lounge is known for being a very intimate setting. So 1D performed more stripped down versions of their songs and a few surprise covers. It was more about the vocals and the ambiance of the whole event than about being a big production.

Earlier in the week, the hashtag #1DR1LiveLounge began trending and fans began giving their input on which songs they wanted 1D to sing and what covers they wanted them to take on.

Seems like the boys really took to what fans had to say because their setlist was essentially a reflection of that hashtag.

They opened the show with their hit Drag Me Down. The song was the first track released from their album Made In the A.M. releasing tomorrow (Nov. 13). Opening with this song was understandable, considering it was the most upbeat of the songs that they performed today.

They then moved onto to their latest single from the album, called Perfect. And I have to say the performance was nothing short of that.

The next song was an oldy but goody, Story of My Life.  Although, the song is from 2 albums ago the meaning and impact of the song, when performed live is still there. The passion that they put into the it is so strong it never gets old hearing the song performed.

After SOML, they surprised us with a cover of Rihanna’s hit Four Five Seconds. Now this song absolutely had every one wildin’ in less than four seconds. This cover was so unexpected because it was unlike anything we’d ever seen them do before or anything we’d ever expect.

Next, they performed a new song off of MITAM entitled Infinity, they performed it with an entire string section bringing the entire magic of the song alive and it set to the ambiance of the Lounge perfectly.

Last but not least, they shocked every Directioner by reprising a song that they hadn’t sang together since The X-Factor. The song Torn, was the first song that they sang together as a band and there was not a dry eye for anyone watching. Even the boys admitted to getting goosebumps from performing it.

It was a whirlwind of  for Directioners everywhere emotions being that Torn is such a big factor in the reason that they are a band today. Everything came full circle today, the song they ended with was the one they started with.

If you missed the performance, you can watch here!

What did you think of the setlist? What would you have changed or added to it? Let us know in the comments below?

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