“Orphan Black” Season 4 Premiere Date & Trailer Revealed – Watch The Video!

After waiting impatiently for what seems like forever, BBC America has finally announced the premiere date of Orphan Black‘s fourth season, which will return to our screens on Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 10pm ET.

Fans know very little about the new season and the newly released trailer above does not help answer any of their unsolved questions. However, according to the season 4 logline, we can tell you that the new season will pick up with “Sarah returning home from her Icelandic hideout to track down an elusive new ally tied to deceased clone Beth, whose identity Sarah stole in the series first episode.” Sarah and her sisters will come together to uncover the next chapter of the clone conspiracy — following Beth’s footsteps into a dangerous relationship with a potent enemy who might just hold the key to their survival.


Of course, Celeb Secrets jumped at the chance to find out more about the new season, so we spoke with Jordan Gavaris (Felix) and Maria Doyle Kennedy (Mrs. S) at PaleyFest New York last fall to get the scoop on what we can expect to see from their characters in season 4.

According to Gavaris, Felix is going to have a very different relationship with his sister, Sarah Manning, than he did in the first three seasons.

“It’s going to be strange exploring this new dynamic whereby Sarah has a biological blood tie and Felix really is the orphan,” said Gavaris. “He’s really the foster child and he’s not really – he’s not in the fold. Yeah, I mean, of course he’s still their family. They’re not going to disown him but from a biological, technical standpoint, he’s not and I don’t know what that means for Sarah. I don’t know what that means for S and I don’t think Felix even knows what that means for him right now.”

Programme Name: Orphan Black - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 8) - Picture Shows: Felix Dawkins (JORDAN GAVARIS) - (C) Orphan Black Productions Limited/BBC WORLDWIDE - Photographer: Jan Thijs
Programme Name: Orphan Black – TX: n/a – Episode: n/a (No. 8) – Picture Shows: Felix Dawkins (JORDAN GAVARIS) – (C) Orphan Black Productions Limited/BBC WORLDWIDE – Photographer: Jan Thijs

However, that doesn’t mean Felix’s relationships with the other clones will be affected. When asked about Felix’s relationship with Alison Hendrix in particular, he said, “I hope we get to see more of it this year. I think we do. In fact, I think I know of one particular caper or antic that happens somewhere in the middle of season 4. It’s good.”

We can’t wait!


Meanwhile, Mrs. S is starting to form relationships with the other sisters than just her foster daughter, Sarah Manning.

“Well, I think, one of the things is Mrs. S is having more relationships with more of the sisters,” said Kennedy. “She’s obviously had a pretty bad one with Helena last season but they recovered and I think the fact that they recovered, they have some form of trust again and so it’s kind of further embedded her in the the sisterhood so I think we’ll see her have relationships with more of the clones. That’s really interesting.”


Mrs. S will also get more involved in the mission with the clones and trying to figure out how to keep the bad guys away, but that doesn’t mean Kennedy knows quite yet whether Mrs. S is someone to be trusted.

“You know, I still, they really ink out the information to us like a tiny little bit, so you always hope that you’re doing something that’s not — you’re playing it in a way that’s not going to turn out to be against something they decided for you in the future, but for me, what I’ve always hung on to for her, I mean she does do awful things sometimes, but I think she always does them for the right reasons” Kennedy said. “I really do feel that she has a strong moral compass. She came from being a human rights activist and I think that that’s still at the core of her being. Her only real interest in the science or neolution or any of that is that it gets used for good and it doesn’t fall into the hands of the bad guys, so I root for her. Go S!”

Photos: BBC America