Our New Obsession DNCE Releases Debut EP “SWAAY” And It’s Amazing (@joejonas @DNCE)

Your new favorite band DNCE just dropped an EP and it’s sure to be the one thing you’ll have on repeat! Fronted by Joe Jonas, the EP is a fun, carefree kind of sound and really captures what DNCE is all about.

Today, we are breaking down each track from this disco-pop record. Track 1? “Cake by the Ocean.”

The band’s first single “Cake by the Ocean” definitely sets the entire vibe for the EP. It has a groovy sound, but still holds that pop essence. With an upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics, it’s sure to have you dancing. It’ll have you “licking frosting from your own hands.”

Track 2? “Pay My Rent.” “Pay My Rent” another fast beat track off of the EP. You won’t be able to keep still when this song plays. This song has a funky beat and a little sass behind the lyrics. DNCE said it best with, “How can you love me right if you don’t get your money right?” I mean, right!?

GOOD MORNING AMERICA - DNCE performs live on "Good Morning America," 10/23/15, airing on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/ Lou Rocco) DNCE
DNCE performs live on “Good Morning America,” 10/23/15, airing on the ABC Television Network.
(ABC/ Lou Rocco)

Track 3?  “Toothbrush.” “Toothbrush” might throw you off a bit, but there’s a really good metaphor behind it. It’s about not wanting to let someone go after having a really good night. By leaving a toothbrush at your place, they’re welcome back any time. This song has a sweeter sound and leaves you a little bit nostalgic, but none the less still on your feet!

DNCE Emily Shur 2

And lastly (why only four songs, DNCE?) track 4. “Jinx.” “Jinx” is more of a ballad of the EP featuring the sound of kazoos in the background. It’s about wanting to tell the world about how much you love someone but not wanting to speak too soon. This nice little number ends the EP on a sweet note.

If you haven’t listened to “SWAAY” yet you’re missing out! DNCE brings a feel good vibe to their music and it’s refreshing to see. If you’re like us and just can’t get enough of DNCE, go see them on tour. You won’t be disappointed! Full list of tour dates can be found here.

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