Paperman Is The Man!

While we were at the Advanced Screening of Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph we also had the opportunity to watch Disney’s newest and cutest short, Paperman. For a movie with no speaking, and in black and white, it kept the attention of the younger crowd in the theater, while it drew an amazing love story for the adults. Paperman is about a young man working hard to support himself, meets the woman of his dreams on a subway platform, but before they can say a word to teacher her train comes and she leaves. The Paperman then goes to work where is straight to work boss put him straight to work. While he’s working he can’t get over the woman on the platform and just his luck he sees her again and does everything he can think of to get her attention, however his boss not once, but twice, comes over to make him knock off the funny business. Eventually our Paperman not wanting to give up on his lady love leaves his office to find her, only to lose her again. Do they ever they find each-other and live happily ever after? Find out tomorrow, when you see it before Wreck-It Ralph in theaters everywhere, tomorrow!

Are YOU excited to find out what happened in Paperman?