Paranormal Activity 4 Full Trailer Released!

Last October Sci-Fi/Horror/Thriller Paranormal Activity 3 left us all waiting to see what was really happening. As it has played out, the Original Paranormal Activity was set in 2006, the second movie in the series, Paranormal Activity 2, was supposed to be a prequel to the original, which ended in Katie snatching up Hunter with blood smeared all over her. In the third installment, Paranormal Activity 3, we saw the prequel to the prequel, how it all started with the girls we have invested so much time into. Now jump forward to 2011, 5 years have passed Katie and Hunter have moved into a new Neighborhood to wreak havoc on unsuspecting neighbors. Unlike the other movies being shot on fancy cameras and security cameras, this one seems to be more modern and on webcams and phones. With a giant tease in this movie to be the last in the series, with the tagline claiming: “All the activity has led to this.” Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen enjoy the first full official trailer for what very well may be the final installment in Paranormal Activity series.


What did YOU think? Will YOU be watching it in October?