POWER 106 Talks With X-Factor Judges! (@Power106LA, @RikkiMaa, @DDLovato @LA_Reid)

Los Angeles based radio station 105.9 Fm, POWER 106, recently sent out Rikki Martinez to sit down and have a quick chat with X-Factor Judges L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato. Rikki spoke to L.A. Reid about giving rival show, American Idol’s newest judge, Mariah Carey, some advice as well as what Justin Bieber will bring to X-Factor this season.  Rikki also spoke with X-Factor’s freshman Judge Demi Lovato about the Premiere Episode and being called out on Auto-Tuning. She also addressed the rumor that she spit in Simon Cowell’s hand! Check it out right here!

What did YOU think of their interviews?