Pretty Little Sneak Peeks!

Cant’ wait for tonight’s all new Pretty Little Liars? It has after all been two whole weeks since a new episode aired. We have all the sneak peeks and spoilers you need right here! Don’t forget to tune in to an all new Pretty Little Liars TONIGHT on ABCFamily at 8:00 PM!

Sneak Peek: That Girl Is POISON:
After Jenna begged our favorite liars to keep to seeing secret at the end of the last episode she changes her mind. Who will Jenna set her sights on next, is any one safe?

Spoiler Alert: Problems For Ezra?
Ever the loving and doting girlfriend Aria buys Ezra lunch. Apparently this upsets Ezra, is there trouble brewing under the surface?

Spoiler Alert: Paging The Police!
While Liars, Spencer, Aria and Emily are discussing Hanna’s recent reaction to her breakup from Caleb they seen an ambulance and the police rush down the street. Do they follow or stay put?

Spoiler Alert: Jenna’s Birthday Party!
In this clip Jenna invites the girls to her birthday party. Ever reluctant the girls go but can’t help but wonder what’s really going on?


Will YOU be tuning in tonight?