Recap: Miley Cyrus Documentary “Miley: The Movement” on MTV (@MileyCyrus)

miley-the-movement-bannerMiley: The Movement aired on MTV Wednesday night (Oct. 2). Miley let MTV camera’s follow her from the recording of her upcoming album Bangerz up until her performance at the VMAs.

Miley started her documentary by explaining what the movement means to her. “To me the movement needs to be something bigger than just a record, for me a movement is something that represents taking over the world.”

She explains that a movement is the only word she can use to describe what she is doing.  She continues to say that most critics have it wrong when they say it’s not a transition, but they are wrong because she is still the same person.

She has worked hard and it is clear she is a perfectionist when it comes to this record and her music.  Miley faced many nights with no sleep and also being sick when trying to promote We Can’t Stop.

Miley wants this album to be the best one yet, she is wholeheartedly focusing on music at this point in her life.  She is focusing on pushing the boundaries in music and in pop culture.

 As Miley talks about her VMA performance, all she was thinking about was she is about to make history.  Pushing the boundaries with this performance was all part of her plan because people are still talking about it.

Miley has reached a point in her life where she knows who she is.  She says, “I was born to become who I am right now… I’m at a point in my career where I can be exactly what I want to be, who I want to be. I have this freedom to do whatever I want.”

Photo Credit: MTV