Hey ladies,

Action Item‘s front-runner Brian Cag dished to us about what he really loves to do on Valentine’s Day. Take a read below:


CelebSecrets4U: What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Brian Cag: “Valentine’s Day is that one special day where you can show someone
how much you really care about them! Whether it be your girlfriend/boyfriend, friends or family, Valentine’s Day is a day to be thankful for those you have in your life. I love getting my mom some flowers and taking her out for an awesome dinner!”

CelebSecrets4U: How would you describe a romantic Valentine’s Day date?

BC: “Well first, I would make take my date out for some sushi (or
whatever is her favorite type of food.) Then we could go for a walk in
the park and get some hot cocoa. I’m also really big on writing
cheesy, funny little love songs, so I’d probably write her one and
sing it to her at the end of the night.”

CelebSecrets4U: Since we’re all about secrets, do you have a secret Valentine?

BC:No, I don’t have any Valentines this year. But I like to think that all of our fans are my Valentines. They are seriously the best and I could never ask for anything better.”


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